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Dreams are not just dreams; dreams are based upon reality - a reality that exists beyond your thoughts. A warrior is no fool, and therefore does not assume anything is confined to his way of thinking. Being an impeccable hunter, hunting for power, the parameters of the warrior's life leave no room for self-delusion, self-deception or wrong actions. The stakes are too high for that. These stakes are the disciplined and carefully-ordered life that has taken him many years of painstaking effort to put into place. The warrior is not about to discard all that through a stupid miscalculation based upon a haphazard assumption, for he knows that dreaming is an integral part of the Mastery of Awareness.

In many ways dreaming is more real than your waking hours, for in dreams you have abilities that you do not have in your everyday life, and so you can change things in miraculous ways, you can learn things that are normally way beyond your grasp and, in short, you have power at your command.

The trick in setting up dreaming does not lie in looking at things, but in sustaining the sight of them when they are no longer in sight. Dreaming becomes real once you have succeeded in bringing into sharp focus anything you bring to mind, for then there is no difference between what you do when dreaming and what you do when not dreaming.

Dreaming is real for the warrior, for in dreaming he can act wilfully, he can choose his actions, and he can discriminate between something that holds power and something which is a waste of time, whereas in an ordinary dream none of this is possible.

The world as you perceive it is but a dream which has fixated the attention of humanity. Because of that fixation average man looks upon this dream as an inviolable reality, when in fact it is but one particular view of the world. Therefore to look upon this collective view of the world as being reality, is insane, and can only be termed the madness of the dream.

You cannot take control of the dream if you are not awake. To be awake means that you know every facet of your life for what it really is. However, in order to have such sobriety you must recapitulate your entire life, for only in this way can you achieve knowledge of the self. In this respect the warrior is an impeccable hunter hunting for power, and if he succeeds in his hunting he becomes a Man of Knowledge.

Dreaming is the not-doing of dreams.