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Impeccability is simplicity itself. Impeccability is to act to the very best of your ability upon whatever knowledge happens to be available to you at any given moment. It is no more complicated than that. Therefore, if you find yourself caught up in complexities, you can take it as fact that you are not being impeccable - instead you are behaving like an immortal being with all the time in the world to indulge in trying to appease your mind with justifications.

Yet it takes only a little objectivity to realise that there are no immortal beings on this earth, and therefore that time is the essence of impeccability. It is only the sense of mortality which engenders in man the desire to act impeccably.

The warrior, knowing that he cannot indulge in the luxury of being helpless, or confused, or too frightened to act by wanting his actions to be perfect, keeps his focus on being impeccable instead of being perfect.

To achieve absolute perfection is possible only under extraordinary conditions, and therefore the aim of the warrior is to achieve as much perfection as he is capable of in any situation, by striving for impeccability. Perfectionism is a stupid waste of time and personal power, whereas impeccability compresses time and replenishes personal power.

The impeccability of a warrior does not allow him to become obsessed with the possible outcome of his actions. Winning or losing is not in any way his concern - he is merely absorbed in the challenge of the moment.