The Toltec Legacy
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The Nagal's Insignia

This symbol is featured in the official insignia that, in the past, was traditionally worn by all trained and active nagals. The following verbalisation is a transcription of the ideogram which, upon his inauguration as active nagal, was transferred to the nagal from the nagal who trained him, along with this insignia.

"When the Wings of Perception be unfolded the Rod of Power is set ablaze with the Blue Flame of the One Power, flashing once, flashing twice to the added illumination of the dual serpent of wisdom intertwined about its length. Thus the one that is concealed within unity is brought to earth by the unfoldment of the two, to light the three, and to demonstrate the duality that is brought to birth within the form of the sacred five, symbol of Man. Thus shines the pentagram, the Son of Man who is the Son of the Unspeakable made flesh - flesh both caught and liberated through the six of the whole."