The Toltec Legacy
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The most definitive decision we ever make, is the decision to be born. Once we are born it is possible, through the choices and the decisions we make at every crucial point within our lives, to affect and even to change the circumstances surrounding the battles we have to face.

However, it is utter folly to assume that we can dictate the outcome of these battles, and this is for two reasons.

Firstly, underlying the battles we call forth, as well as their outcome, is a purpose which is predetermined, by virtue of the fact that the cause underlying the decision to be born was already in existence before birth.

Secondly, the final outcome of every battle is always a re-definition of that purpose, arising out of and dependent upon the measure of impeccability with which we have fought the battle.

Therefore, although the purpose underlying any battle is predetermined, every outcome nonetheless becomes causative in itself. Consequently, all of our actions ultimately lead to the same unpredictable result; that is, mapping out the unknown in the constant re-definition of the primeval cause.

The only true learning there is, is learning about the self, for man is the microcosm of the macrocosm. The true Scholar has known for ever that it is insanity to assume that we can understand life, and therefore the world around us, unless we acknowledge that we too are a part of this ineffable mystery we look upon as being life, and which we are wanting to fathom and understand.

But, being part of this mystery, our every action, our every thought and our every feeling, affects our perception of our experience. And what is knowledge, if it is not that which we perceive as being our experience within life?

Therefore, the act of learning, like every action we take within life, must and does have a direct influence upon our perception of the knowledge which arises from having taken that action.

It follows that the act of learning directly affects how we perceive the knowledge gained in the process of learning. The profound truth that emerges from this is that, in learning, we create the answers we seek, according to our perception of what is revealed to us during the process of learning. In other words, we create our own reality, whether we are aware of this or not.

So the question facing everyone who wishes to learn is; "How do we know that the reality we have created is in fact the truth we are seeking" or, more precisely; "How do we corroborate the subjective reality, when the only reality we can measure it against is our perception of the objective reality to which we bear witness by virtue of being alive, for is it not this very perception we are questioning when we set out to learn?"

This difficulty in learning is a conundrum for which there is no logical solution, other than to start the process of learning from the premise that whatever we experience within life; that is, whatever we perceive to be factual, is not necessarily the objective reality to which we bear witness, but merely the subjective reality which causes us to look upon our experience as being the factual reality we are dealing with.

It is simply not possible to live with the knowledge that we are the creators of our own reality, without being overcome by the most intense desire to dream true to the purpose of the One Life.

Anything else is an unthinkable responsibility that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of one's awareness, let alone existence. It is once one has entered into this state of awareness that the apprentice to learning rightfully earns for himself the title of Toltec - a Man of Knowledge - and embarks upon the journey of all journeys; namely, the definitive journey of the warrior.

Having embarked upon this journey, the Toltec becomes a living example of that ineffable something termed the Toltec Legacy.