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Anton Zyuzkov M.D.

What is medicine from the Toltec point of view?

Is modern medicine trustworthy?

Healing one's self.

Diabetes mellitus, a world problem - can it be cured?

According to the Toltec perspective medicine is one of the five fields of human endeavour in which every man and woman has to succeed during his or her life. This field relates to health, ways of cultivating and keeping it on a good level, and also to diseases, causes of, and ways in which to heal them. It is at this precise point where the similarity with the common view on orthodox medicine ends.

Speaking about the condition of modern medicine it is necessary to note that at present there are many different methods and systems with sufficient relevant literature which was not the case some years ago. Therefore today, provided there is the desire to do so, it is possible to be successfully engaged in several types of healing simultaneously. In other words, a disease that resists treatment by one method, can be cured by means of another or even by means of more than one other system. Such unprecedented opportunity for a wide medical knowledge has only recently started to surface. However, against such a background of coincidence not everything can be seen in such an iridescent light.

Allopathic medicine, which is more widespread in western countries, is becoming more and more demonstrative and highly technological. The reason for this lies in the fact that governmental approach towards public health is based on human rights, and therefore controlled by state laws and standards. Needless to say, upholding these standards guarantees that doctors will not be deprived of their licenses in case of unsuccessful results. However, such an approach not only excludes the responsibility of the doctor in the treatment he prescribes, but also encourages the "consumer approach" from the patient's side. This consumer approach is analogous to fast food restaurants that guarantee their clients that their particular brand of restaurants, irrespective of place and time, will give you the same quality sandwiches and soda water at the same price as any of their other restaurants. In other words, it helps people to feel safe.

For a long time now the system of public health service in economically developed countries has been subject to the laws governing the market, and we can only guess at the huge sum of money that finds its way into the pockets of those few that head such systems. As an example of this we only need to look at how the modern trend towards destructive ways of life including destructive eating habits are timeously met with a vast number of drugs for the treatment of diseases caused by these factors. Due to the sway towards the urban way of life and the domination of medicine by materialistic theories, as well as the persistent desire of the majority of people to have a "short cut" to health by means of getting drugs, medical products are today used in such a manner that encourages people to become dependent on them. But by being dependent upon these drugs people lose their choice and opportunity of being truly healed. Such a state of affairs can only be termed black magic.

However, it is not a question of blaming this state of affairs on those few who so masterly play on human weaknesses. Instead we should acknowledge the fact that power cannot leave such weaknesses unchallenged. The warrior lives by challenge and each challenge can bring a gift of power. For now, one is left wondering what gift humanity can absorb in the process of overcoming a challenge that is almost pandemic in character.

I am not saying that allopathic medicine is evil, or that the advanced technologies in medicine cannot be put to true service of humanity. And neither am I implying that the health services of economically developed countries are incapable, inadequate or unreliable. On the contrary, what I am saying is that medical science should be, and I trust will be, one of the most important facets of that vast field of knowledge that represents medicine from a Toltec perspective. But in order to do so it is necessary for such tools to be used with impeccability in combination with other health improving systems, instead of it being guided by principles of denial and opposition.

The same is true of healing which assumes the individual approach and which is therefore more subjective by nature. In this type of healing the sound principles of conviction are not applied and, as a result, it lends itself to far too many speculations that foster charlatanism. In this respect it is important to note that true healing has nothing to do with sorcery or shamanism and that the popularity of these methods of healing has arisen for the same reasons as those found in allopathic medicine, namely, man's tendency to want to shift the responsibility for his actions to the shoulders of others. Consequently, although the alternative healing market is not as big as the market of medical services generated by the officially accepted paradigm of medical science, this comparatively small arena of healing reflects much the same features as that of the consumer attitude demanding a quick fix.

It is not within the scope of this article to do a review of all known medical systems, but this article would not be complete without at least touching upon eastern medicine. Eastern medicine places the focus on the energy aspect, something that is infinitely more practical during the initial stages of illness as well as in chronic cases. As proof of the efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine, it is clear to see that people from Asian countries suffer far less from hypertonic illness, adiposity, varicose, diabetes and other similar illnesses than their Western counterparts.

The answer to medicine today lies in being able to draw from the various methods of treatment available to man, rather than being stuck on one system only. And it is also herein that lies man's opportunity to overcome the impending catastrophe surrounding world health and longevity. However, this does not mean that to become a doctor in the Toltec sense it is necessary to study all known medical practices, for such an undertaking is simply impossible. So let us at least briefly touch upon the Toltec perspective on medicine.

Toltecs maintain that there is no better initial training in medicine than the very same concepts that are taught to the Toltec hunter. If any doctor of allopathic medicine but took the first steps in learning what it is to be a Toltec hunter, he would quickly enough discover that his growing sensitivity and inclusiveness towards his patients will not make him reach for the x-ray machines and drugs as his first tools, but rather that the healing power within clarity of mind and warmth of heart is far more powerful than any machine or drug. In the light of clarity examinations are brief, extremely accurate and the diagnoses and prescriptions of such doctors prove to be very useful in spite of any limitations the doctor may have. Even patients suffering from cancer will never see the work of the healer because the healer, instead of treating the cancer as such, enables the patient to feel the healing force of humility and helps to release the heavy burden of bitter emotions that is the true cure, even for cases of terminal cancer.

Needless to say, the most fundamental thing in healing is the understanding of the causes, and the Toltec approach to working with disease is through relationships. As all of life is a system of relationships, healing lies in the building of new relationships in those areas that are the cause of the illness. We can see our diseases as something to be avoided at all costs, or we can strive impeccably for intelligent cooperation with all aspects of life, and thus eliminate illness and/or bring about self-healing through this process. Impeccable relationships are truly the healthiest way of living, something that is as of yet unknown to medical science!

Finally, in answer to the world problem of diabetes, I can confirm that diabetes can be cured. However, with diabetes, as in all cases of true healing, nobody can guarantee the positive result of the treatment irrespective of the finest efforts of the healer or the doctor, for the simple reason that healing can only take place if the Dreamer of the person concerned allows it.