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The Five Pillars of Wisdom

The five pillars of wisdom represent five areas of endeavour that lead to knowledge both within ourselves and of that greater whole we term life.

Only a little thought is needed to see how knowledge in these five areas leads to the acquisition of personal power which, in turn, leads to freedom.

Before it is possible to grasp the deeper meaning inherent within the five pillars of wisdom we need to know that one factor underlies everything. The import of this is that if we are to hunt for power successfully, either within our inner world, or in the world out there, we must come to see and uphold the interrelationship of life.

There is only one life, and we are all interdependent and interactive units of that one life. Life is just one huge system of relationships.

Therefore, our wellbeing, happiness and success, are entirely dependent upon our skill in relating firstly, to ourselves; and secondly, to the world around us.

Because people have become so separative in their thinking and in their approach to life, they no longer relate to themselves or others in any meaningful way, and so it is no wonder that people are today so powerless, and that the world is in such a mess.

Unless I can relate to a computer in a knowledgeable way, I cannot utilise it. If I cannot relate to you in business, I will not be able to do business with you. If you cannot relate to your wife, your marriage will fail. And if I cannot relate to my right arm, it means that the nervous system in my arm has been damaged, and I am unable to use that arm.

Life is exactly the same, and the "nervous system" that enables us to engage life is our knowledge of relationships. Without a knowledge of relationships, we are paralysed and powerless, and will never achieve any kind of freedom.