The Toltec Legacy
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The Prophecy

'Together we now will manifest the temple of the Spirit!' cried the seventh son, the Dragon. Thus the Seven Great Sons of Beingness, who are the enthroned Three, moved four-square to their places in the east, the north, the west and the south to commence their mighty task.

The doors of the temple were barred and guarded. Inside it was dark for not yet could the light shine forth. Thus was no part of the temple visible. Not a sound disturbed the utter silence, for the sacred word too could not yet be sounded. The Seven showed not their colour nor resonated their vibration, only a silent communication passed between them marking the progress of the work.

Aeons passed until at last there came the sounds of life from outside the temple and a lesser son of spirit knocked upon the temple door. Briefly the temple doors were opened to admit this son of man, and as he entered into the temple so he too added his power to that which was within. So came the sons of earth one by one, and as they in turn were admitted into the temple, so the light within began to flare ever brighter.

The sons of men traversed the temple from north to south and from west to east. In the centre they came to stand before the Rose, and here they found the heart, the knowledge and the power to work. They pushed aside the veil to the inner shrine and stood bathed in pure white light.

Time continued to pass, in which the temple became ever more beautiful, as slowly its architecture, proportions, detail and finishes took form in the growing light.

Then came forth a call from the east: 'Open now the doors to all the sons of earth, so that they may seek the light and find the temple of the spirit. Remove the veil to the inner shrine so that all may enter into light. Let the warriors of the spirit, who have for so long concealed their labours, now precipitate upon the plains of earth the temple of life. Let the light shine forth, let the word too sound forth, let the work of transmutation begin.

'Thus it is that the temple of light shall be transferred to earth, to illumine there the dream of the dreamer. Thus will man awaken in the east, and by confronting his fear meet his challenges in the west. Thus shall man be guided to find respect in the south and gather his strength in the north. Then shall man seek the only true light and learn the secret of the orange-red light which shines ever in the east.'

'Why are we to allow all this?' demand the Seven, the enthroned Three.

'For now the time has come, the warriors are ready, and the Spirit has already moved in the light, so revealing the sacred colour and sounding the creative vibration. Now all the sons of men are able to seek power and to engage in the battle for freedom. Naught else remains to be done.'

'Then so be it,' answer the Seven, the enthroned Three. 'So will all the sons of earth go forth to do battle.'