The Toltec Legacy
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There is a marvellous world beyond this world, known as the World of Sorcerers - dazzling in its splendour and permeated with a power that is awesome. But to enter that world is insanity for anyone who does not hold the keys. Sought-after by many throughout the ages, this world derives its name from the fact that its matter has become embedded with the remains of would-be sorcerers who did not possess the required keys.

The keys to the World of Sorcerers are twenty-one jewels, reflecting a light that is lethal to the ignorant. But whoever has the power to hold these keys is master of the World of Sorcerers and may enter and exit that world safely and at will.

The secret of sorcery is learning how to apply one's intent to the core of anything. Sorcery is therefore nothing more than interrupting the natural order of things.

The sorcerer hunts for and finds the core of that which he wishes to affect, and then applies his intent to it. Yet in order to use one's intent it is not necessary to see. It follows that seeing is contrary to sorcery, for when one sees one knows that nothing is important, whereas sorcery is all-important to the sorcerer.