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Warning! Your Intent

As I ponder what to write about this teaching website I cannot help wonder if there is a way in which to impart to the would-be subscriber to this site what I need to point out, that would not come across as being harsh, uncompromising, and disheartening. Having said this it is also important for me to state up-front that it would be the easiest thing in the world for me to write something that the reader would find uplifting, inspirational and therefore desirable. And no doubt, if I were to do this I would have a great many people subscribing to this website in a relatively short space of time. But this would defeat the objective of this teaching facility, and it would reduce the very essence of what is most precious to the Toltecs to the cheap and nasty manipulations of common advertising – an advertising that promises people the world for only a few bucks and a very little effort on their part.

So I ask myself, have I then, in the years that I have been running retreats and teaching publicly, not learned anything new that I can now offer others who come to this site with the intention of finding out if they too would like to avail themselves of the power inherent within the Toltec teachings? But sadly, the answer is a simple no, for the only thing that public teaching proved to me is something Toltecs have always known, namely, that only those that come to the Warrior’s Path prepared to forfeit their existing lives have the necessary personal power to take from the teachings that which they most need for their survival.

In all the years of writing the books and the years following this, as well as the time during which I ran the retreats, it has never been any different to what it has always been since time immemorial. Those that seek out the Warrior’s Path knowing that their lives are over, and that there is nothing left for them to fight for other than to fight for their survival, are always deeply moved by the magical touch of power, the openness of heart and the warmth of camaraderie inherent within the Warrior’s Path. These people, who have either read the books and attended a retreat, or who have merely read the books, are always left with the resounding knowledge that their lives will never again be the same, in that they have found both a purpose and a meaning within life they have never before experienced.

Those, on the other hand, who seek out the Warrior’s Path because they wish to preserve the lives they do have, and therefore want to find confirmation that their view of the world is correct, that everybody else is wrong and is doing them an injustice in one way or another, invariably meet with disappointment, disillusionment and frustration, irrespective of whether they have attended retreats or merely read the books. Such people always trash the books, and if they have attended a retreat, leave the retreat with exactly what they had hoped to find and achieve. They leave with the firm belief that they are right, that their prejudices and judgements are inviolable, and that everyone who does not adhere to their way of thinking, including me, are arseholes not worthy of their time, consideration and effort.

Apropos the above I must also point out that many of those who did work with me on a regular basis left the group I had gathered during the running of the retreats. Some of these people left shortly after starting to work with me, whilst some others left only after several years. But in each and every case these people left because either I felt I had nothing to offer them and therefore unsubscribed them from the group, or else they left of their own free will, likewise feeling that either the Warrior’s Path was not for them, or because they felt they could not support me in my own particular approach to the teachings. Of these people who left the group not everyone left in peace. Some of these people left with huge anger towards me, and have subsequently had nothing good to say about me. So the new would-be subscriber should be aware that some of these people could well try to sow doubt, dissension and discord in those that now come to this website.

The only reason why I feel it is important to mention those that harbour malicious intent towards me is because this can be used to the advantage of the serious student wanting to make use of this website. What this means is that should anyone from my past try to create havoc amongst the students of this website, the students can, should they so choose, use this as an opportunity to develop their own sense of discrimination and thereby strengthen their belief in themselves and in their own judgement. Alternatively the students can equally well use this opportunity to strengthen their own view of the world, their prejudices and opinions. It will be entirely up to the students of this website what they choose to do with any attack upon me, the group still working with me, or ultimately this website too.

I personally have no interest in defending myself against any onslaughts or accusations. I know who I am, and I know equally well what my motives have always been and what my role within the world is. As such I offer no excuses, and least of all do I wish to give the impression that I am trying to justify any of my actions. Instead let my actions speak for themselves, and let the teachings speak for themselves. Those who wish to criticize me, slander my name or try to break down those left standing with me, are free to do so should they wish to vent their spleens. They alone are accountable for their actions, and they alone have to live with their consciences.

There is, however, one more point here that I would like to clear up for the sake of those souls who left the group in peace, and who may be concerned that the material contained within this website could in some way jeopardize their identity or integrity. I would like to assure all of these people that nothing of the e-forum that used to serve the group remains. So as not to compromise anyone that used to work with me I made the decision to extract from the e-forum only the guidance I and Russell gave during this period of time. Apart from this guidance all emails that formed part of this e-forum have been deleted. There is therefore no breach of confidentiality and the true identity of those who were part of this e-forum remains protected.

So what then can I offer the would-be subscriber to this website? The answer is quite simple, namely, that you will find exactly what you are prepared to invest should you join this teaching facility. So let us then consider most carefully what I mean by this, for after all is said and done you would, I am quite sure, feel very cheated and hard-done-by should you subscribe to this website only to find that your hopes have been smashed and that your expectations are left unfulfilled.

In order to grasp the message I am bringing you I would like you to think about how much you are willing to invest in yourself? Think for a moment before you react too quickly. How much would you be willing to pay for your dream car or your dream home if you did not have any financial restrictions?

It is an amazing fact of human nature that people will, generally speaking, spend far more than they can comfortably afford on all sorts of things that they believe will make them happy, or that they deem to be somehow important to them. So people spend a vast amount of money on entertainment, on food, on clothing, on medical expenses, on academic schooling and on exercise classes. They take out expensive loans to buy a car, or to go on a holiday. They take out very expensive insurances and hefty bonds in order to buy a home. Yet when it comes to having to pay, even just a relatively small amount, for learning about their true selves and unlocking their own untapped potential and god-like powers, they all too often balk indignantly at what they look upon as being an unnecessary expense. Thus it is that time and time again over the years I have been accused of charging high prices for both the books as well as the retreats, and that I am therefore nothing but yet another mercenary crackpot that is out to make money and to rip people off.

Yet, in spite of all the accusations so many people have thrown at me, the irony in all of this is that those that feel justified in accusing me of being an over-rated and mercenary charlatan, do not have enough self-respect to be willing to invest even just a nominal sum in themselves. Instead such people desire only the material comforts of this world, and for these they see no cost as being too high. In addition they seek out everything that heightens their appetite for physical pleasure and sensation, and that brings them a transitory happiness, no matter at what cost. But when it comes to investing in their freedom, in their full potential and in their own personal power and lasting joy, they hold onto the misguided and utterly demented belief that all their needs within this area of life should be met free of charge. They are prepared to pay next to nothing for it, if anything at all.

If you are one of the above mentioned people, then I must tell you up-front, that you must please not waste your money, your time and ours, by joining this website. This website is not for you. You must rather go join a feel-good club and save your money and your efforts for those things that make you happy. This website will only make you feel uncomfortable, unhappy and miserable. Quite besides which, it is far too expensive for what you are willing to invest or are capable of investing. Do not be fooled by the 25 Euros per month subscription fee. Anyone who is not a pauper can afford such a paltry fee. But to have the personal power and the desire to invest your all in learning about your true self, is not within the abilities or the wherewithal of people like those I have described above. If you are one of them, neither I, nor the group of people working closely with me, have anything to offer you. Please go away and do not write to us, for we do not have the time to answer egocentric questions. Do not send us your arrogant opinions, for we have a policy of trashing all unsolicited opinions. And above all, save your breath for those that will listen to you. We never listen to the noise of empty vessels!

If, on the other hand, you are one of the few who are genuinely willing and prepared to invest in your true self, then I will still not make you any promises, but instead I will bid you a humble and sincere welcome! Here amongst us you will find the answers you seek as you begin to unravel the mystery of beingness – the mystery that is you! You will learn what it is to dream your most impossible dream. You will learn to stalk the perception of both yourself and others, and through this quickly enough begin to know the meaning of personal power and freedom. You will learn how to not-do your folly, and to find instead the many richnesses which come from treading a Path with a Heart. But above all, you will find the everlasting joy to be found in the love and the warmth shared amongst those that, like you, are in pursuit of the totality of the self.

Here amongst us you will find a ruthless honesty, sincere support and genuine friendship. It has, ever since time immemorial been the cornerstone of the Toltec tradition that truth is more important than public belief, and any man who feels the need to adjust his knowledge so as to receive public approval is a man unworthy of trust. Therefore we do not uphold the many distorted beliefs, prejudices and preconceived ideas to which the majority of humanity has become enslaved. Instead we stand for, and fight for, the freedom of the individual as a unit of the One Life, implying that the well-being of the individual is all-important to the well-being of the greater whole. Consequently amongst us you will ever be supported in your strengths, but never in your weaknesses!

In conclusion I would like to make one final point quite clear. My approach in presenting the Toltec Teachings is intensely practical, and bears no relationship to shamanism, practices surrounding phenomena, or any other flights of delusional escapism. Furthermore, the accent throughout the teachings as presented by me is always on claiming your power for yourself and by yourself. Therefore I demand from my apprentices that they find within themselves their own true value as units of the One Life. I can guide you towards seeing your own value, but I cannot give you value by teaching you!

I sign myself in the name of service,

Théun Mares