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The Warrior

To acquire the mood of the warrior is not an easy accomplishment, for it requires seeing all of life, including one's fellow men, as equals - an achievement which is a truly magnificent act of the warrior's spirit. It takes a great deal of personal power to do that.

A warrior is first and foremost a hunter, and therefore he calculates everything. This is control. But once he has calculated his moves, the warrior acts. This is abandon. As a result, the warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind, for no-one can force him into doing anything that goes against his knowledge of himself and of life. The warrior is attuned to survival, and thus he strives to survive in the most impeccable way possible.

Knowledge is power. Once the warrior has embarked upon the Path of Knowledge he is no longer liable for what may happen to those whose fate brings them into contact with him. Therefore the warrior has no remorse about anything he has done, because he knows that were he to see his acts as being vile or evil, he would be making his own actions more important than the fate of others.

The warrior never apologises, for he knows that apologies are a stupid waste of time and personal power. The only thing that matters is being an impeccable warrior. However, one cannot be impeccable when one is feeling self-important. Self-importance makes one heavy, inept and vain. To be a Man of Knowledge one must be an impeccable warrior who is light and fluid.

The warrior lives by challenge; consequently his life is a disciplined strategy in the art of survival. If you are going to succeed as a warrior you cannot afford to waste your personal power in living a life which is helter-skelter.

Average man believes that his explanations of life will enable him to survive; but explanations are a meaningless waste of time. Understanding is a matter of experience; not the result of explanations. The mind can be appeased only through experience, but explanations merely dull the mind with a false sense of security, based upon assumed understanding. Whenever the warrior is barred from progress by a lack of understanding, he takes the required action in order to gain, through experience, the knowledge he lacks.

A warrior does not care about explanations. In dealing with power, an intangible and unpredictable opponent, explanations lose their significance. In view of this, rationalisations are a dangerous waste of time and energy. In a universe pervaded by the unpredictable quirks of power, rationalisation is of very little consequence. Rationalising is not true thinking. All rationalisations are simply a function of the rational mind of man, as opposed to the true mind of man.

It is not possible to become a warrior without stopping the world. In order to do this, you must believe that it is possible, and that you too are a magical being of the universe capable of doing so.

The status of warrior is not the result of having undergone a particular training program, but is rather a silent acknowledgement of self, which comes from knowing that one has become impeccable in travelling the Warrior's Path. To be a warrior is not a goal in itself, but is instead an eternal quest for knowledge and freedom stretching into infinity.

The Warrior's Path is not an exercise in spiritual development. The Warrior's Path is a way of life necessary to the daily survival of the warrior. To a warrior the terms tonal and nagal are merely figures of speech necessary for clarity - in an act of survival these terms blend softly into one another.