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About This Website

This on-line teaching facility has been formed for two reasons:

Firstly, it enables Théun to reach a far greater number of students interested in the Toltec Teachings than has hitherto been possible; and secondly, it provides students of the Toltec Teachings who are working alone and without guidance the opportunity to interact with other apprentices following the teachings as presented by Théun.

A Brief History of how this new website came into being

Towards the end of 1999 Théun made a decision that was to bring about a radical change in his way of interacting with and teaching, not only his personal apprentices, but also students of the Toltec Teachings seeking his guidance. This decision, outlined in a letter written by Neil Mason-Jones, succeeding nagal to Théun, results from Théun's belief that humanity is today ready to start working towards a far more inclusive approach towards all of life, as opposed to just seeking clarity on issues that pertain to their personal lives alone.

In order to promote this new approach in terms of his life's work, Théun started to work towards assembling a group of apprentices who are indeed ready and willing to manifest true inclusiveness in their lives, as living examples of apprentices to the Warrior's Path. Even more importantly, though, has been the ability of this group to demonstrate upon the physical plane what it means to apply the teachings fully in working together, in unison, as a group of individuals, each and every one of whom demonstrates the one objective and the one purpose; namely, group endeavour leading to group-consciousness - the ultimate and definitive journey of the true warrior. This was the start of the retreats run by Théun.

Théun, assisted by his Man of Action, Russell Braithwaite, started running these retreats in 2000. At the beginning, there were four retreats per year, in March and September, held in two centres, England and the United States. In order to support the apprentices in the periods between retreats, Théun also developed an e-forum in which he has always given on-going guidance to those who are sincere in wanting to learn to become warriors. Initially, because of the practicalities involved, as well as the restraints on Théun's time, there were three groups belonging to this e-forum: the UK group, the North American group and the Russian group. However, as the apprentices started to gain a greater understanding of the teachings, Théun amalgamated the three groups into one.

In order to accelerate the apprentices' progress in learning to work together in an inclusive, rather than in an isolated, manner, Théun started to encourage apprentices from the three groups to attend retreats on a student-exchange basis. This proved so successful that Théun was very soon able to stop the retreats in North America and hold only two retreats per year in England, which meant that all his apprentices now travelled to the same retreats. The consequences of this were not only that the apprentices benefitted enormously from collectively calling forth far more in-depth guidance from Théun, but also that they started to foster amongst themselves the very real feeling of being, and working together as one group of apprentices.

Today the group consists of members from South Africa, the UK, Ireland, the USA, Russia, Bulgaria and Greece.

The Results Achieved by the Formation of the Group

In the eight years that Théun has been running these retreats, he has consistently increased the level of self-discipline and has ruthlessly instilled in his apprentices a very deep-seated and real sense of impeccability and integrity. Needless to say, these have fostered in the apprentices a much deeper understanding of the teachings and, as a result, have inspired in them a genuine love of living the Warrior's Path, the effects of which have resulted in that sense of camaraderie and closeness which comes from sharing in each other's battles and challenges. Today the apprentices working within this group regard themselves as much more of a family in nature, rather than just another group of apprentices.

Content of the New Website Archive

An inevitable result of such a big group of people calling forth guidance on a daily basis is that the e-forum Théun formed for this group now holds a vast amount of Toltec material that is of an individually-tailored nature, and which does not appear in the books written by Théun. Examples of such material not in the books are detailed teachings on concepts such as how to work with one's Direction (Easterly Dreamer, Man of Action etc.), how to work with one's Predilection (Stalker or Dreamer), as well as how to work with one's Shortcoming and the expression of that shortcoming. But by far the most valuable aspects of the teachings contained in this archive are the examples of dedicated apprentices calling forth the guidance they need in learning to live the impeccable and power-filled life of the true warrior. Therefore contained in this archive are the many examples of apprentices calling forth guidance on particular challenges they have faced in their lives. Also contained in the database are articles written by the apprentices of Théun demonstrating their understanding of the guidance, how they applied the guidance, what results they achieved, and what they learned as a result of all this.

In addition the archive also contains the substantial volume of teachings from the courses that Théun wrote for the Institute for the Study of Man, headed by Elizabeth Schnugh, a highly experienced teacher of the Toltec tradition, as well as all the teachings he imparted to Elizabeth personally in teaching these courses to her.

This website contains all of the above-mentioned material and much more. Needless to say, this material is augmented by having the books written by Théun available on-line for the apprentices working with this website. Although the books in themselves remain an extremely valuable source of the Toltec Teachings as presented by Théun, the material contained in this website forms the most valuable tool possible for the sincere student of the Toltec Teachings who wishes to understand how to apply the teachings, as presented in the books in a truly meaningful and practical way, to his or her everyday life.

What This Website Offers Apprentices

This teaching facility is unique, in that it enables students to find the answers they are seeking through working with the vast amount of teaching material contained in the database of this website. Should students using this database not find the answers they are seeking, they are able to call forth guidance from the other members of Toltec Legacy, many of whom are still personal apprentices working under Théun's guidance. Also, since the Group working under Théun's guidance is continuing to call forth new guidance from Théun on a daily basis, this new guidance is added to the database on a regular basis, meaning that the teachings and the guidance contained in the database is growing continuously.


Everything you will experience on this website is not a virtual reality. Instead it is a reality, albeit a reality different from the common perception of reality, and is the culmination of the work of generations of Toltecs and their apprentices across millennia. So too are the people behind this website. The contents of this website are likewise based upon the real experience of real people treading the Warriors Path.