Self-importance, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Self-importance, ARTICLE ON

People, like myself, who have self-importance as their principal shortcoming, often come across as being egotistical, superior "know-it-alls", who will always have an opinion on what is going on with your life. LOL! Yet often, when confronted with this, we will deny all knowledge of it, and often resort to wondering how the other person can be "so blind" as not to see the wisdom in our opinions! <g>

It was once said that self-important people often struggle to acknowledge that they do indeed HAVE a shortcoming called self-importance, and "so what IS the problem here?" LOL!

Funnily enough, self-importance is quite a common shortcoming, together with the other very common shortcoming; self-pity. Self-importance and self-pity go hand-in-hand, as they both form the two aspects of the Dark Jewel called Egotism. Often self-important people and people with self-pity get on very well - although much of the time they have an unspoken competition as to who really has the best shortcoming!

What I have always found fascinating about my shortcoming is that its roots lie in a feeling of INFERIORITY, and not from a feeling of superiority, as I had assumed when I first discovered my shortcoming.

If I trace back the major events in my formative years, I had always experienced a sense of being embarrassed, humiliated and generally feeling like a worthless idiot, and so to cover up this sense of worthlessness, I developed an ability to strive to be the best in whatever I had chosen to do, at any particular point in time.

However, the trap in this was that this drive to be the best can isolate my sense of perspective with respect to the fact that ALL knowledge that is acquired, is acquired for the benefit of ALL of LIFE and not just for me. This can sometimes be difficult for me to comprehend when I am hooked to the desire to win. However to win in these circumstances produces nothing, except a hollow victory that does not bring any heart or joy. This much I know for sure.

The key to self-importance is HUMILITY.