Dreamer (s), folly of, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Dreamer (s), folly of, ARTICLE ON

Perhaps a good way to express part of my experience of having the predilection of dreamer is to bring in a typical situation of conflict with my stalking brothers and sisters. <g>

So, here is a typical scenario; a stalker challenges me on anything in particular, and I immediately internalise everything that was said by this stalker. I form my defence or retort, and then I get busy expressing my side of the story.

However, all of this is done without speaking! In other words, I will have this battle only in my head, without including the stalker. So when the stalker asks, "Well? What is your response?", I might as well reply; "Well, I had the argument and you "won"." <g> In other words, I display a tendency to assume that I know what the battle is all about, and so already I assume "defeat". What folly!

Of course, the same thing can happen between me and another dreamer, but then, more often than not, both dreamers assume "defeat" - unless, that is, one or both of them have self-pity as a shortcoming in which case, one or both will assume they have "won"! LOL!

Joking aside, it's not really about stalkers, dreamers or shortcomings but this is my way to express that the type of folly above only serves to create miss-understanding. Because when an issue is NOT shared it only ever stays within the realms of the known, and then, most of the time, it is not even really the known, but merely my selective perception of the known - again, more folly.

So how then does this relate to dreaming? Well, if all that is being generated is simply more selective perception, even more miss-understanding, and even more confusion, then there is no Dreaming True to my Purpose, and I am left therefore with only the Madness of the Dream, which is a real nightmare, more than anything else!