Dreamer (s), the Easterly, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Dreamer (s), the Easterly, ARTICLE ON

I remember how very impatient I was to find out my predilection. While reading Volume IV I went about picking one after another, as though I was shopping for a holiday. The Wild West - party time! North - lets go on a mission! South - exotic islands, friendly company. East - a warm sunrise over a turquoise ocean.

I was so looking forward to find out my predilection, as though it was an important feature to be added to my identity. Thus after considering several options and excluding the nagal woman as being a very solitary business, I decided to choose and book Easterly Dreamer, for according to my perception at that time I felt that she was the epitome of femaleness.

When Théun confirmed my predilection I was brought face to face with the challenge of making sense of it. Well, Easterly Dreamer - great, but so what? For some time, trying to make sense for myself, I was searching for definitions, guidelines or descriptions to feed my curiosity. But it was just a vain attempt to classify myself and make the little self happy.

So then I realized that collecting data re: Easterly Dreamers might be useful for the purposes of statistics, but it does not in any way reveal what it means for ME to be an Easterly Dreamer; how MY life comes to a new perspective through having this new knowledge about the self. So, I decided to have a deeper look at my number 13 - Death of the Old, which is made up of (10 +1 = 1), 1 = Fluidity and 3 = Mixed Abundance, and then to see how they manifest in my life patterns.

Going backwards from that moment I came to realize that I have been immersed in mixed abundance throughout my whole life, and that fluidity of perception was a much-needed tool to be able to survive the quick moves of events, people and changes of circumstances, without being crippled by a sense of loss and inadequacy.

That is how I also got to understand the vital importance of discrimination; the need to constantly discriminate; "the good into the pot, the bad into the crop". Growing aware that the Easterly Dreamer is meant to constantly and naturally trim the old and the unnecessary, I started to invest my efforts into learning how quickly to identify the OLD, and sensitively but ruthlessly eliminate it.

It is said that the easterly females are glamorous and the Easterly Dreamers should be busy at all times 'pruning' the old. So if you see a manicured hand, beautifully-jewelled with diamonds, digging into a pile of rubbish, there must be an Easterly Dreamer at its end, eliminating the old.