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Although the proper use of words is the very first prerequisite of the Warrior's Path I didn't recognise that aspect properly, because I was looking for something more powerful. It is amazing that I overlooked one of the most powerful tools. My use of words always was rather unconscious, but now I have started filling in the gaps more systematically. I would like to share some feelings about some of these aspects.

The best way to explore something for me is to put different things into different slots. Words can be an expression of two different forms. The hidden form is a type of internal dialogue and the open form is a form of speech. It does not matter what form of speech we are using; whether it is internal dialogue or public speech the influence upon our reality is the same. But there are some differences.

Open speech. I can speak publicly or have a quiet conversation with a friend, but either way it's going to be an active influence upon the person or the group of persons. In whole there are two types of influence: life-supportive and life-destructive. People generally are more careful with their speech than with their internal dialogue - we all experience that quite early, when one short word can change a situation to the diametrically opposite. It is funny to observe that when two people talk to each other openly, they can change completely their way and form of speaking the moment somebody else comes along.

It is useful as a stalking tool. Let's take for example when somebody is giving a short public speech. I can observe their way of speaking and take notes about his or her present state of being and whether their speech rings true to that person. I can also hear the words the person uses and gain an understanding of their operative view of the world. And also during the act of listening I can feel what is behind the words and understand the intent of that person.

There is also another important aspect of speech. Understanding which electromagnetic centre or chakra is influencing the speech can speak volumes. It feels like different tones of voices. For example, people can talk from their throat centre. That centre is connected with the rational mind. It doesn't matter where one's study of that starts, but in time the ability to discriminate what is the controlling centre will come.

People can also speak from the basic centre. I call that the seducing voice. Such a voice is usually lower than normal. I noted that the most natural voice comes from the heart.

To get it more practical in the beginning I used to put my hands on my thorax, abdomen, neck or forehead to find the area where this or that type of tone resonates better. After getting familiar with different types of voices it is easy to find the heart's voice using one's hands.

The internal dialogue seems to be more powerful than open speech, because as a rule less noticeable things have a tendency to be seen as less important.

I think everyone has had the experience of reiterating something several times. Sometimes being alone with myself I repeat the mantra: "I am an impeccable warrior". Usually I do that when I don't know what to do or how to change the situation I am facing, but it helps. After several times I feel that something has started within me. It is not easy to explain but it feels like inner rod has started to resonate within me, and a bit later I feel the warmth in my eyes and the inner smile.

It is also important to stalk what is behind the words - be it internal dialogue or public speech. Otherwise it is simply another way of wasting personal power.