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Recently I had conversation with a friend about how new technologies are connected to the black arts. And I would like to share that.

During the conversation with my friend I noted that he is somehow negative to the scope of new products we are facing more and more often. I am referring to the number of different new shops or banks or online services we are able to get now and which were impossible to get even a few years ago.

I didn't start to argue with him when he was expressing his point. He started from the point that some of the new technologies, like credit card services or advertising, work against people from the point of consumerism, and are actually designed to control people. Later when he expressed himself fully, I understood that he was quite right, but that his view was one-sided. Yet I clearly understand where he was coming from.

He shared that since he discovered that banks charged him more than they led him to believe, he became very suspicious of the different kinds of new services they offered. In addition, advertising has become more and more intrusive, and there is less and less truth in it. His general point was that it is all at best only half a truth, but mostly these technologies are an instrument for manipulation in order to increase profit, and therefore it could rightfully be called black magic and he would like to stay away from it.

Although I agree with him that there are quite a lot of different things that are predatory in nature, I can't agree with him that we should stay away from everything which could be abusive. My point is that all these new services are based on technologies which are neutral in nature, like all things in the world. But what actually turned them into black magic is their wrong, or more correctly, using them for the wrong reasons. With respect to this it is not possible to get any benefit from staying away from technology. It is simply another challenge, and warriors never ignore their challenges. This seems quite a challenge today. One category of people use something blindly like sheep and another category ignore it and therefore cannot make it practical.

From my viewpoint I don't feel there is any benefit in painting things as black or white. Why it is bad when we have a new possibility or another challenge to work with? At this time we have more possibilities than in the recent past and this feels good. I can take any of the challenges I have something to learn about, and study it with great care in order to understand what is the best way to use it, or how better to use it for my benefit and to turn it into something practical. Like, for example, with credit card services.

It is not at all difficult to find the traps there which could be a manipulative tool, if one just thinks about it for ten minutes. People usually do not like to put in enough effort to explore something, but choose to perceive it selectively. My realisation was since I understand how it works, it is no longer dangerous for me in any sense and therefore I am able to use it at my will.

Any act of black magic works through carefully-designed traps. And it can also be useful from an evolutionary point of view, because it helps to evolve awareness. The reason why black magic is so popular now is that there is a great need for people to learn from it: to learn how to break free from its use. But what would be the benefit in avoiding such a vital challenge?