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  • Left side, the, use of, ARTICLE ON

I would like to share a recent experience. It feels left-sided.

A friend of mine gave me a brochure about the activity of the Mayor and his team. The author of the brochure was in opposition and therefore the character of the content was critical. There were quotations of the Mayor's pre-election programs, promises and so- called wishes. After that the author described their true activities after he was elected.

The general feeling from the pre-election promises was familiar with the feeling one gets in a marketplace, where the seller never stops praising his or her goods, and talking about their positive sides. It was clear that every candidate puts into his promises all his inventiveness and flexibility, intellect and smartness. The feeling was that those people believed in what they were talking and writing about. Everything they said was so attractive. At the same time I felt that although materialising their promises wouldn't be easy, it was nevertheless possible, but…

But this was followed by the description of their real activity. Reading this, I saw that these people had been very busy with their own agenda for all these years. It was not surprising.

When I finished reading the brochure I started to look at the portraits of the deputies with great deal of care, bearing in mind their promises and real activities. The portraits were composed very carefully and I got the impression that they were unnatural because they were designed to reflect a particular self-image. There were several types of self-image. I saw an image of a wise man, a creator, an intelligent man, a saviour, a fighter, a liberator, etc. All of these were different, but after looking carefully for some time I started to note details that were less noticeable. The more I looked, the more I felt. Suddenly I got the feeling that there was something similar in all these faces. It felt like an absence of integrity: something important was lacking. It was a misbalance on some level, it was something vampirish, there was a kind of a split in all these people.

I started to wonder how people with extrasensory abilities could say a lot about a person, by using only one picture to get their information. I looked at the portraits and I remembered what I had read about their businesses, and saw it mirrored in their faces and small details of their images. It was amazing how easy it was to register the vibrations coming from those people and how easy it was to interpret that.

I like to turn over the pages of magazines, just to see people's faces or to look at faces of strangers during my way to work and back home. I feel something is coming out of them. It is very easy and natural. The most difficult thing is to verbalize the feelings, the inner response, but most of the time this is not necessary. It seems that it is enough simply to know.