Self-importance, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Self-importance, ARTICLE ON

I would like to share about my shortcoming, in terms of some of my experiences about my shortcoming that I've gained on the Warrior's Path.

The simplest and the most beneficial realisation was; "I can't get rid of it". It is easy to understand theoretically that my shortcoming is here with me all the time, but practically it means that I have the privilege to expand my awareness any time I chose, by using the tool in one way or another.

Nobody likes to be ignored and shortcomings are not an exception. There is a tendency for shortcomings to express themselves negatively, if one is not alert. It works exactly like an indicator. When something is going in a way that I don't like, I know that there is a gift of power waiting for me. It might be an irritation during a conversation with a colleague, or a fit of laziness at home, or arrogant behavior, or whatever else, but it is my shortcoming trying to draw my attention to the gift of power.

I discovered another good operational tool: stalking my tendency to see my shortcoming as something negative in itself. This is actually another form of striving for perfectionism. It is a matter of choice how I would like to perceive my shortcoming. Is my perception of it going to be negative? Okay, in this case I will have to explore all the negative permutations. The helpful tool here is the technique of shifting the focus.

I can shift the focus from the folly of trying to change the things I can't change, to intelligent co-operation with what I have already got. It is very simple. When the shortcoming is most noticeable I can pause and ask myself, "What I can do differently?" I can try this option and the next time I am in a similar situation I can try that option, and then another one. It is going to involve improvisation and in time I can learn how to handle this aspect of the shortcoming which is no longer my hidden potential but my power. It is the power of knowing me, and the shortcoming is my passage to that power. What I learned was that when the shortcoming works FOR me, it is always life-supportive.

My shortcoming is self-importance. Self-importance is based on a deep sense that I am somehow worse than anyone else. Although I know that nothing and nobody can be more or less important, or better or worse than anything and anyone else, my self-importance works by constantly bringing the opposite illusion. When it works FOR me I am striving to be better than I was before, or I am striving to do something better. When my self-importance works FOR somebody else it is always in a way: "Now I can do it better, but you can also do it as well as I can." In other words, competing WITH the other person, instead of competing AGAINST. The indication of the life-supportive process here is inner growth.

When it works AGAINST me it automatically means that it works against life in general. It is always the result of some sort of DO-ings. The list could be very long but the basic doing in my case is the belief that there is something wrong with me. On a feeling level that doing expresses itself as feeling "less than". It is funny to stalk how that feeling starts to "switch on" when I am losing control of my shortcoming. It is not so easy to switch it off after that. LOL! I can go on and on and on about my self-importance, because it is not the same type of self-importance that I can see in others! LMAO!