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I have been looking at and thinking about time, and how often I say to myself or others "I don't have the time...". And then I realised that what I'm really expressing to myself is that I don't have the awareness and how wonderfully self-fulfilling this is.

I started to apply not-doing, but still did not fully grasp the battle that I should be fighting.

Over the last couple of days it dawned on me that I have not truly been stalking myself in respect of how I spend my time - not in the big things, but in the little things: the 30 seconds spent dawdling after brushing my teeth, or the five minutes spent wondering what to do next when I know full well what I should be doing. No wonder I never have the 'time'! No wonder I'm always catching up rather than being in the moment.

Step 1: stalk myself every moment to see how I'm spending my time/awareness.
Step 2: apply the not-doing.

There is much, much more - I feel I've only just begun to skim the surface of this.

For example, one thing I try to remember is that the moment I start worrying or procrastinating, or feeling 'tired' - this is a sure indicator that I am resisting something, resisting being in the moment. It is then that I need to identify the reason for the resistance and if something can and should be done immediately, to act, otherwise consciously to put it aside.