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  • Manifestation, models of, ARTICLE ON

Many people are fascinated by the process of manifestation, and are drawn to create models, in order to help them gain a deeper understanding of this process in all its complexities.

However, we need to understand that models are only a very faint approximation - a symbol at best for what defies definition. In particular, we need to remember that they are bound by time and space, and by the limitations of the human mind. In working with models, it is therefore necessary to be very CARE-full. Models can at best act as a springboard to help us to get a true feeling for what cannot be verbalised.

To show how this can be done, let us look at the process of manifestation in the following way. In what follows, it is important to please try to FEEL!

Consider your model as being a BLANK space.

At first there is the Void - a blank space. Then IT MOVES and a POINT becomes visible. Then because of the pressure INTENT exerts upon mind, the point becomes a VERTICAL LINE if viewed from "above" your space. But if you view your space from the "front" you will be viewing it from the point of MIND (clarity), and therefore it appears to be HORIZONTAL! The trick: Look from the TOP, now FIX the top point of the vertical line to your "eyes" (your fixed view of the world within context of the fourth dimension), and then "lean back and towards the RIGHT (Clarity) whilst keeping the line fixed to your eyes. Do you FEEL how vertical becomes horizontal? But THIS, call it optical ILLUSION (your shortcomings), is the POTENTIAL (your passage to power) of the TRUE horizontal axis!

Now, because of the secondary cause of differentiation, the vertical line begins to spin upon its own axis. But because of this spinning it sets up an electro-magnetic field at RIGHT ANGLES to itself, and thus the HORIZONTAL axis comes into being in the form of a spinning circle surrounding the spinning vertical line. So we now have two spinning circles, one within the other. Yet the effect of the horizontal circle spinning around the vertical circle also builds up an electro-magnetic field of its own which then starts to pull the vertical circle into rotating upon its axis at the same time as it is spinning, with the result that it becomes a spinning AND rotating SPHERE.

This spinning and rotating sphere builds up such a strong electromagnetic momentum that it in its turn causes the horizontal circle also to start rotating upon its axis. So now we have an INNER and an OUTER sphere, both spinning and rotating simultaneously - nagal and tonal! But remember THIS is life WITHIN manifestation, ALL of which IS the tonal floating within the blank space of the transcendant VOID!

With the advent of evolving awareness, inherent awareness is bent back upon itself, and therefore instead of inherent awareness being able to move forward unencumbered, CLUSTERING starts to take place. Thus each progressive world becomes more DENSE than the previous one. The result is the "Tear drop effect" you see reflected in the Sphere of Beingness. In other words, in mapping out the UNKNOWN the KNOWN becomes more and more "compressed", that is, bent back upon itself. So instead of inherent awareness progressing as a uniform SPIRAL, the spiral becomes more and more compressed and "curved" until that final moment when the one dimension has become compressed back into a POINT that is a UNITY! Hence a unity within time, or a unity within time and space, and so on!

Yet, as far as what Toltecs call the North, in terms of "the battlefield", or "the centre of the world", do NOT make the mistake of trying to put the centre of the world in the physical north! Remember we are not here referring to a compass which works in TWO dimensions! We are referring to FOUR dimensions! Therefore, once again, it is possible to get a better feeling for this if you start by LOOKING AT your model from the "front", in which case North will be at the "top". But when you "stand up" and LOOK AT your model from the "top", you will now see the North as being the "centre" of your model! However, it must be understood that we are really talking about the MATERIALISATION of the purpose of the Unspeakable as being the "centre of the world"; call it the centre of focus, or the AIM of the Unspeakable (looking "down" from the "top" INTO its creation).