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  • Self-respect, ARTICLE ON
  • Respect, for self, ARTICLE ON

Since I have returned from the retreat, and have started to live true to my name of Pekko and not as Pecs, some small changes have been taking place in my life.

First and foremost is the level of respect; how it has increased towards myself and others. Whereas I feel that Pecs was merely the persona created in a vain attempt to fit in, to mold in (after what I do not know) and to feel so much a part of society. Yet what was really behind the created image of Pecs?

At work, my boss identifies me by my full name of Pekko with much ease, and has gone out of the way to remind others of my name when in summary meetings of the week. My new business cards are on order, and my internal firm-related business email address is to be changed as well.

On the social note, I have made decisions regarding friendships and the heavy partying I had been involved in leading up to the retreat. I have since my return begun to question the value of those relationships, and to where they would lead. I have concluded that the road I was treading was merely a flight of fancy, and quite frankly was leading to no-where. However now I see that the people I was busy indulging myself with in the party scene were merely a reflection, a mirror of myself and what I felt were my inadequacies.

Whereas Pecs did not really accept responsibility with all due seriousness, Pekko as I am, values responsibility and the consequences that come with it. Enthusiastically, I approach each day with dedication to this path of heart, step by step. I know that I have just begun to unfold, the steps are many, the road long and arduous; however it FEELS right.