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  • Credit, giving the self, ARTICLE ON

"There is no time to lose, but we are surrounded by eternity."

Most people either live in the past or in the future, but very rarely in the present fully. Thus they are mainly looking forward to some future time when they will obtain the acknowledgement they seek - either from themselves or mainly from others.

And, yet, as the aphorism above states, we are never going to finish - each step we take is simply a stepping-stone on our journey. Therefore we need to concentrate on the journey, and not on vague goals.

If we keep believing that we can rest in peace once the job in front of us is over, we will not have any fun. Instead of finding the peace we thought we would, we discover that our project has become an obsession, and we end up sitting with a constant empty feeling. Faced with this emptiness, most people simply get on with the next 'project' to try to fill the gap.

However, as we learn to treat each step as part of a continuum that is our life, we build patience, and we can learn to experience true joy and fulfillment.

As our journey unfolds, a most important part of enjoying the journey is to give ourselves credit along the way - for each step taken on the way. This often flies in the face our social conditioning, for we are often taught that it is a sign of humility to be self-critical.

But being self-critical is not humility as understood by the warrior. Instead, it is a false humility that smacks of arrogance. Because the warrior knows that he is neither more nor less important than anyone else, he has no compunction in claiming what is rightfully his, and this is the same with giving oneself honest credit.

On your journey, do not postpone giving credit until you have arrived - because you never will arrive.