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  • Time, ARTICLE ON

For Toltecs, the idea came first - it was complete. Everything that follows is purely a playing out, or materialisation of that idea or plan.

The flow of power supports this - whether this is the flow of power DURING manifestation, that is, EWSN, or whether this is the flow of power WITHIN manifestation, that is, ENSW.

Thus the process of evolution takes place within the framework already established.

Here, it should be noted that Newtonian physics is based entirely upon Unity within Time - in other words, the supposedly absolute concept of a closed sphere. Yet, it was Einstein who correctly pointed out that even a closed sphere is relative - because a closed sphere can ONLY be closed relative to something else.

Therefore, time is defined by Toltecs as the emotional impetus of the Unspeakable.

If we look, for example, at man, we find that he has the emotional impulse to be happy, and this persists, even though there are ups and downs and different emotions, and it is this that gives the linear feeling or illusion to our lives. However, it is only when the impulse changes or stops that we come to an acceptance of death and the situation alters.

In our speech we often say things like: "The time is right for...", meaning that the emotional quality is right. But people never look at how they tend to use words. If they did, they would soon have a correct idea of how we can naturally relate to time. In other words, how we can go back to our roots.