Experience, and action, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Experience, and action, ARTICLE ON
  • Action (s), and experience, ARTICLE ON

Toltecs maintain that acquiring true knowledge requires action. This is because true knowledge and personal growth only come from experience - YOUR life experience. Therefore, since we are all meant to participate fully in life, the concepts are not only practical - they also have to be lived.

It is only practical experience that CAN be life-changing, because, whatever you have learned from your own experience can never be unlearned, or truly forgotten, unlike information that has been taken from books.

However, just as our behaviour is founded upon habits built up over a lifetime, undoing those habits takes more than just learning one or two new skills. It takes constant hard work and commitment. We say: "In this life nothing is for nothing - you get out only what you put in."

It is possible for anybody who comes to the Warrior's Path to develop the skills to benefit and grow, provided they are prepared to be honest with themselves and to make a commitment to working to uplift themselves.