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In any business environment we know that poor communication inhibits good productivity and that it can sabotage the carefully-prepared goals of any organisation. We also know that good skills in communicating foster an environment of trust, of mutual support, and of true sustainable growth through the principles of intelligent co-operation.

Effective communication is vital to our success and well-being as individuals, and it is equally vital to the success and profitability of any business enterprise. Yet, in spite of technological advances that should be helping us to communicate better and more effectively, in many businesses the situation is actually getting worse rather than better. This is because the sheer volume of communication that is thrown at people today is leading to more and more misunderstandings, half-truths and plain jumping to incorrect conclusions.

All of these contribute to tensions, breakdowns, poor productivity and ultimately, loss of profit.

Yet one of the biggest causes of breakdowns in communication is that we have simply lost the ability to listen. Also, because of a host of competing priorities, most people's lives are just so filled with busyness, that they are never really giving more than a part of their attention to the task at hand. Yet, without the ability to listen, we cannot really have any effective communication.

Working with the Toltec teachings it becomes clear that true success and lasting happiness depend upon our ability to relate to ourselves, to others and to the world around us, and learning to listen properly is one of the major factors in building a real relationship, whether this is at home, or in the workplace.

However, the ability to listen properly is only one of the keys to effective communication, since there are other obstacles that also need to be taken into account. For example, fear is a great barrier to effective communication. Yet, through taking the steps, we can learn how to handle our fear, whether this is fear of confrontation or fear of speaking up.

Conflict is another area that many people try to avoid, whether in a work or a home environment. The Toltec teachings show how we can deal with conflict - how to use it constructively in order to gain new knowledge. Yet another source of bad communication is failing to respect the differences between men and women. Through becoming aware of the ways in which men and women are different in their approach to life, we can work with these differences so that, instead of strife, we bring to our workplace true intelligent co-operation, and a harmonious striving together that result in the mutual upliftment and benefit of all.