Anxiety, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Anxiety, ARTICLE ON

Anxiety and worry are an enormous problem in the world today, for apart from leading to so much distress, they are the causes of so many mental and other illnesses. Yet in spite of the drugs and everything else that medical science has to offer, anxiety and worry show no signs of reducing. In fact, all signs are that they are increasing, with more and more people unable to cope with the demands that their lives are placing on them.

Unless we can find a better approach to overcoming anxiety and worry, the future looks bleak. Palliatives such as drugs, do not work. Other methods, which very often simply amount to escapisms, also do not work.

In order to find a cure, we need to get to the root cause. How?

The cause of anxiety and worry is simply our thoughts - whether these relate to the present, the past, or to the future. These negative thought patterns simply go round and round in our minds, wearing us down and debilitating us. The Toltec teachings show how it is possible to take control of our thoughts, how we can take responsibility for identifying our thought patterns, and how we can learn how to change our thought patterns at will. More than this, though, we can learn to stop random thought patterns at all.

This, in itself, does not only bring an end to all anxiety and worry, it is part of the journey on the Warrior's Path towards true freedom.