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  • Focus, shifting the, ARTICLE ON

Energy follows thought. We can see this immediately in relation to the well-known saying; "You materialise your worst fears." This saying also illustrates how our thoughts are influenced by our perception.

Their knowledge of perception is one of the greatest gifts of Toltecs, for not only is how we perceive one of the greatest mysteries in the universe, but the act of perception is also extremely powerful. In fact, Toltecs say that power IS the product of perception.

Yet, if we observe what is happening in the world today, not only are many people unconsciously caught in a mind-set that keeps them trapped, but they also consciously choose to focus on the negative about themselves and others throughout their daily life.

The Toltec teachings have taught me that although becoming a warrior is not quick or easy, major changes can be brought about in one's life instantaneously. The main requirement, though, is that one should first want to change. Shifting the focus is one of the techniques to help bring about the change.

For example, we are often taught that it is 'good' to be right, and 'bad' to be wrong. So, if they feel that they are in the wrong, many people just feel bad, or that they have failed in some way. As a result, they end up judging themselves or others. Yet, this serves no-one and leads no-where.

However, if instead of judging, we can shift the focus to look at all our experiences as a learning curve, then this serves everyone, and leads somewhere in the sense of new knowledge being gained. If we can learn to ask "what is this actually teaching me?" we can bring about a win-win situation for all, and there is no need to judge, or to feel bad.