Recapitulation, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Recapitulation, ARTICLE ON

When I started with recapitulation, I found I had a tendency to go back to certain events in my life and play them through again and again, while looking for some kind of resolution to emerge. However, it later became clear to me that this would never happen, because my recollection of the event formed part of my view of the world. The way I had viewed the event had simply remained static, and repeating it was not bringing anything new - it was just re-affirming my view of the world.

It was only when I started working more directly with what was happening in the present moment that recapitulation started to take on a different dimension.

This meant being aware of the feelings, emotions and reactions that are taking place as a result of a current situation, but without allowing the mind to simply replay similar situations - for example, a variety of past situations when I had been feeling hard-done-by - and instead to stay with the feelings and emotions of the present situation. By being awake to what is happening in the moment in every area of my life, I get more guidance to help me fathom what is really going on, since all of life is interactive, interrelated and interdependent.

It is said that "the power lies in the moment," and this because the greatest power to change our perception of ourself and our world lies right here and right now!

If I am able to grasp this moment and begin to change my perception, and the way I think and feel about myself, then my recapitulation takes on a different meaning. Instead of simply going back to the past and reaffirming my view of the world, I am able to use my new knowledge to uncover what really transpired in the past, and so to achieve true resolution.