Perfection(ism), ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Perfection(ism), ARTICLE ON

Part of my island of the tonal is a drive towards perfectionism. However, this had developed to the point where it had become a large and dominating feature on my island, instead of being a benefit to me. I would often become obsessive about how everything had to be just so!

As I worked with this, I found that what had developed as a means of gaining outside validation, had grown into a form of mental masturbation. Over years of not feeling good enough, and feeling cramped, my sense of perfectionism took the form of going over things again and again and again, and it was this that was a form of mental masturbation.

As I started to live according to the concept of impeccability, and as I began to follow my heart in everything I did, rather than being dictated to by my rational mind, I found that my drive towards perfectionism became a less and less obsessive and dominating feature of my island.

Instead of perfectionism, I found a growing drive towards quality, and also spurring me on to be the best that I can be.