North, the, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • North, the, ARTICLE ON

My direction is allied with the North. In keeping with my direction, I have found that I have a propensity to focus on the MATERIALIZATION of my potential. I feel at the pinnacle of materializing my potential when I am in the midst of a battle. Most warriors will tell you that they feel at their most ALIVE whilst they are in the midst of battle, but what I am trying to convey is that I feel I am my most NATURAL self whilst I am fighting for my life. I have always felt that this was part of my Northerly nature.

It is not too difficult to see why the North, being the place of materialization, is referred to by Toltecs as the battlefield. To materialize anything requires the direction of FORCES. Forces cannot exist without CONFLICT. Working with conflict implies that one is in the midst of a BATTLE. It is this characteristic slant towards conflict and materialization that I feel distinguishes the North from the other directions.

Of course, all warriors know how to work with conflict and they learn how to materialize what they need. It is just that the North tends to specialize in this area.