Responsibility, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Responsibility, ARTICLE ON

From a Toltec point of view responsibility means the ABILITY to RESPOND intelligently to Life. For me this is closely related to having the courage to act upon my feelings and knowledge in every moment, no matter what the cost may be. I am coming to understand that this includes all spoken and unspoken communication, physical, mental and emotional actions.

Although emotional and mental actions are considered "invisible," as opposed to the quite tangible physical actions, they have the same effect on me and the world around me. There is responsibility in every "action," as there are consequences. But the hardest thing to live with are the consequences of being a coward. Quite besides living a life like a leaf, it means that one is learning by default, instead of actively and willingly participating in Life.

Most of my life I avoided taking responsibility and took the stance of keeping silent, even though I could feel and see what was going on in my life. But this left me with a terrible feeling of being one who just stands up and watches. I realised that I could only learn when I do act, and only then will Life present me with the next step.

The more I learn the more responsibility I have. I struggled to discriminate how and when I could openly share my knowledge. The key was given to me by Théun in some guidance:

"So I have LEARNED to give ONLY what is asked of me, NOT because I fear the hurt, but because today I KNOW that to give MORE than is asked for or is required, is to expose the other person to a knowledge for which he/she is not YET ready to take RESPONSE-ABILITY! B-:)"

This implies that I need to be aware not only of my state of being, but also to acknowledge where other people are at, so as to be able to serve the needs of everybody involved in the moment.