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  • Communication, ARTICLE ON

Words are yet another challenge that a warrior faces when having to relate to a world that is oftentimes only considered within an individual's view of the world. All too often we forget that the kernel of truth lies BEHIND the words we use in our everyday lives. There is no comparison between the cup and the essence that is held within that cup. This essence, based on my experience, is not just what is contained within the symbology of the words used in communication, but also the state of our awareness in any given place and time.

When it comes to extracting the true meaning of any communication, it is essential to drop much of what we believe the other person is saying, based on what we want to hear. This is part of what is considered true listening. Also, one must ask oneself what image or mirror is being projected to those we are interacting with. In this respect, how do we respond to the challenge of communication via the internet? As if communicating face-to-face is not a big enough challenge, we are now faced with the reality of having to exchange guidance and experience in the realm of a most impersonal medium.

For example: I once wrote an email to the group which I expressed my fear of being misconstrued. However, a different feeling comes up for me now that I have started to revisit the original intent of my writing. Considering the state of my awareness when I first started on this path, I highly doubt that it was really 'being misconstrued' that I was most concerned about. A more accurate description of what I was really struggling with was the difficulty of sharing without the fear of being found out coming up for me. Now that I am detached from the reactive qualities of my defensiveness, I can also see the dishonesty and distrust in the email, in the effort to veil the truth of my intentions. The kernel of truth in my email is this: "Do not count on me to share with you 'truthfully,' for even if I do, you will only misconstrue my words, so really what's the point of even trying? Therefore, I will just hide behind the excuse that I am forever trying to communicate with you but not succeeding. Also, allow me to set the stage in not taking any responsibility for what I may or may not say by 'rewriting, or sometimes completely revamping my emails'." This was simply throwing up a smokescreen.

It is amazing how quickly I jumped at the opportunity to be so proper and politically correct with regard to how we must strive to impart our essence in communicating via the internet!