Awakening, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Awakening, ARTICLE ON

When I first came to the Path with a Heart, I very much approached life as a loner - fiercely independent, and striving to achieve goals which I had set for myself.

These goals were not only in my career, but also in my personal life. I had it all worked out - I had plotted out with rigidity what I thought a good life was. You know the sort of thing; reach a good managerial position in my career, married by a certain age, children next, oh, the list went on! My perception of happiness then fitted neatly into society's "norms."

Having found the Toltec teachings and working with Théun, I slowly started uncovering new knowledge. Knowledge which revealed how incredibly beautiful, and how infinitely more exciting life is than a fixed perception of how it should be.

As I started waking up, and seeing these wonders, I recognised the need of all that I had experienced in my life up until this point. It allowed me to see that I was in fact not all alone, nor did I need to set out on a mission to conquer my goals in order to obtain happiness.

What a sadness I felt when I first realised the folly in my past. Yet, later I was able to see the beauty in my life. It had allowed me to reach a point of discovery.

From being a loner and blocking out the world around me, I started acknowledging aspects of myself that I recognised within people and the world around. And slowly this gained momentum. Using the mirror concept, I then started to truly feel - "This is it! This is what I have been searching for!" And so it grew... I was recognising that I am a part of all of humanity, of all that is around us!

Slowly opening up to this, I felt more than ever before, and saw more than ever before. How does one put into words what this has meant for me? My journey of learning what it is to be part of a family had begun.