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  • Focus, shifting the, ARTICLE ON

Shifting the focus - this is a powerful means to do exactly what it implies - shift the focus from negative to positive; for example from seeing a problem to seeing a challenge. Although there is so much involved here, I wanted to share one or two aspects of this.

One can easily get so hooked on what a challenge is presenting, with the result that the challenge quite easily becomes a huge problem, as opposed to being a challenge! In this respect, a challenge is a situation in your life where, through acting impeccably and taking action, you can gain the gift of knowledge which is, as we know, personal power.

Another good example is when one longs for acknowledgement from one's loved one. This is all very well, but when one looks a bit deeper, the question that should come up is, "Do I acknowledge myself?"

And even if one does realise that one needs to start with oneself, and that finding the warmth, care and acknowledgement that one seeks does really come from oneself, the action of falling quiet and acknowledging this in itself, is important. From there, one can start acknowledging the priceless gift of life, and start realising the truth of, "The mere fact that you are alive is in itself enough to acknowledge and honour."

If we take a simple example, when someone is ill I will want to take care of them and ensure that their needs are attended to and that they are comfortable and feel cared for. This we all find easy enough to do, and we en-joy doing this for someone. However, how do we treat ourselves when we are not feeling well? Do we just forge ahead and show little care towards ourselves? The same applies to directing warmth towards ourselves, and here we should remember that this is achieved by taking the steps impeccably to learn all that we can, day by day.