Art, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys


From an early age I found that I could draw very well, and I was always very good with my hands. I spent a lot of time perfecting the movements of my hands and developing proper co-ordination.

One day I found the book, "Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain," and it completely changed my attitude towards drawing. But let me share a bit. The author of the book described how drawing is actually not so much a matter of hand movement, but of proper observation! And also how our rational mind gets in the way of the creative process and hinders the expression of our innate joy. I also found that I could use this skill in my daily life.

The technique described in the book is five-fold and it is about shifts in perception. First one starts by observing the lines, then the spaces between them, then their relationships, and once this is mastered one moves to the values! Everything is so interrelated and slots together, so that by the end the fifth component - the image - comes out naturally, by itself. It is like a journey of discovery.

As I said I started to use this, not only with my drawing activity but in the way I relate to life. A sense of quietness of life started to evolve. Developing this skill helped a lot with my anxiety and sleeping problems, so now I can see clearly the positive effect of the natural law that when we do something in one area it reflects in all other areas.