Courier (s), to the South, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Courier (s), to the South, ARTICLE ON

Another technique that has helped me to uncover more knowledge of my self and connect to my Dreamer, is the technique of listening with every fibre of my being. There is no end to learning with regard to this technique, but I have improved greatly from when I began using it.

To use this technique in order to learn, you must also learn to use the Warrior's Shield. [Volume I, p.87]

My departure point is that of my direction. As a Courier to the South, I know that this is not my usual direction in previous incarnations. However, my Dreamer has found this present incarnation, as a Courier, perfect for helping me learn what I need to learn. Therefore, I use the opportunities presented to me in this lifetime to learn all that I can about the female South. The many opportunities that have been presented to me involve leadership and self-acknowledgement. By this I mean that couriers are not normally interested in leadership. So as a male in the female South, I can learn to be a bridge. That means setting an example and acknowledging to myself when I do learn, as well as my own ability to learn.