Self-importance, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Self-importance, ARTICLE ON

In order to learn about my shortcoming, I had to become very ruthless with myself. For at first I believed that my shortcoming of self-importance was bad. I would beat myself up whenever I caught myself behaving in a self-important way. As I came to understand self-importance, I found out that it transmutes into humility. This did not happen overnight and I continue to work at how I perceive my shortcoming and how it manifests in my behaviour.

A friend who said I was being very demanding in my interactions with her and others pointed out to me one recent example of how self-importance was manifesting in my behaviour. At first I was in denial about it and tried to justify the actions I had taken. But as I began to detach, I could see that I was indeed being very demanding in trying to get a work project off the ground. This allowed me to dig deeper to see why I wanted this project to succeed. And I wanted it to succeed very badly. As I worked with my motives, I could see that this project was for me an opportunity to prove myself. This had been a common thread in my life.

I can recall when I grew up how I wanted to prove myself in so my ways with my parents, classmates, and eventually when I got married and then started a career. But, to repeat, this is not, and was not, all bad. I did find a great many successes along the way. But in the end, what did it do for me that was uplifting? The upliftment came when I learned humility in both the successes and the failures. The humility is actually much more enjoyable. LOL!

So in looking at my shortcoming, I have found that by discovering how it is manifesting in my behaviour that helps me to transmute the shortcoming.