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  • Man Behind the Scenes, courier to, ARTICLE ON
  • Courier (s), to the Man Behind the Scenes, ARTICLE ON

I would like to start sharing with this article what I have being learning about both my direction and predilection - in a very general way first, and to make a starting point by focusing on my direction and jewel.

My jewel is 15 - a Courier to the Man Behind the Scenes, direction - West, and predilection - Stalker.

The meaning of the jewel is Light Through Darkness, it implies the predisposition of working with the Unknown. The related numerology constituting the vibrations are, respectively, 10 (Impeccability), which reduces to 1 (fluidity) and 5 (freedom and change), and gives the numerological sum 1+5=6 (choosing between the old and the new). Thus from a very basic point my role is in working with and supporting Men Behind the Scenes, learning in the process about working with the HEART, as well as about maleness as expressed from the heart and ACTING upon my own feelings and knowledge. All of this implies the process of learning how to listen to my own heart, and how to work with feelings, which are, technically speaking, expressions of irrational knowledge.

Although I have tried to express the above from my own perspective and experience, of course this is something that one can first of all pick up from the Teachings as verbalised by Théun in his books. But as always, and as Théun has always said, it is only life experience that can turn the right-side approach into left-side knowledge, which is real knowledge, as opposed to information. And thus, as we are working or coming into touch with all of the light jewels of awareness in our lives, it IS possible to learn about them from experience.

In the case of my own jewel, I can say that in one way or another it was my whole life, with all of its challenges, which allowed me to start uncovering the meaning inherent within the jewel 15. For example, it is truly not possible to know LIGHT without knowing darkness, so it was indeed ensured by my fate that I got a fare share of the "dark" experiences <g>, even IF sometimes it was only my perception which "painted" them as "dark". In short, it was the emptiness, the pain and the fear, the despondency, the states of inertia bordering on decay on all levels, the death, the betrayal as well as revenge, arrogance, self-hatred and self-abnegation, suppressed sexuality, lost sense of maleness and of any identity, self-pity and so on... LOL! But of course, all of this was given for a purpose - so that I could firstly learn how to fight for myself in order to survive, and also to learn how to 'surrender'- as there was nothing left to live for.

And through that, I could also uncover the HOPE within me. This hope was the first "light at the end of the tunnel", and then gradually, the knowledge of how to find and extract the gifts of power started to come.