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  • Sovdepovskiy, ARTICLE ON

In one of the earlier posts on the forum, X uses the word "sovdepovskiy" when referring to Russian/Soviet mentality, in her interaction with H. Some of the non-Russian speaking members of the Group have asked me recently what the word really means, as it feels quite important in order to understand where exactly X was coming from with her remarks.

I can't give the exact definition of the word, but to my ear Sovdepovskiy sounds much the same as "communist" would sound to anyone in the western world during the cold war. Obviously to a Russian, "communist" would not sound the same, since we were LIVING in it, i.e. we were a part of it. "Sovdepovskiy," on the other hand, is something we CAN or COULD separate ourselves from, even during Soviet Union times, as it referred firstly (and if my understanding is correct) to a certain "era," probably between the 30s and 50s, i.e. especially during Stalin's days. So, a reference to Sovdepovskiy by a Russian person is like a reference to the past, but in this particular example, it feels to me that X, being a "right royal bitch," is gently trying to humiliate H on a feeling level by giving to H a suggestion of "being stuck in the past," whilst being fashionable/modern. One has to realise that Russian women have always had this special thing about being fashionable and "modern", for they were thoroughly "denied" of all the genuine beauty attributes in an utterly uniform society. Thus even a slight reference from one woman to another about "uniformity" can be quite a big assault on the emotional level.

There was another thing I noticed, namely that "sovdepovskiy" is actually a rare and quite an old word. I've heard it only a few times. To give you an idea, one can try to find some old pop icon cliché, like from the Beatles' era, for example, and to draw a "comparison" as in referring to being old-fashioned/old. My feeling about X using this "sovdepovskiy" stamp is that one way or another it might be coming from her parents, probably a harsh father, as I really don't see where else a young woman could get such a hang-up on this. So from what I can grasp, X was rather stuck in her personal history, if I may cast such a judgement, and hence she tended to project it everywhere.