Not-doing, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Not-doing, ARTICLE ON

Working with a sharp challenge from Théun I have found a strategy forward - one step a time for now. The issue I'm working with is my fear of the female - I see how deeply it has been running through my life and how many things it has been propping up - my view of the world, self-image, and most of all my self-importance, coupled with a sense of inferiority.

I guess the most effective strategy for not-doing right now is firstly to fore-get precisely this aspect - self-importance. It works essentially as the "cement" - the fear itself is the brick. To break down the wall you start with the cement. My rooted/ingrained perception of myself is the prison. Fluidity is the tool, and recapitulation is the name of the 'game'....