Intent, use of, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Intent, use of, ARTICLE ON

It must first be stated that the warriors of freedom work through the force of intent, which is inexhaustible, whereas Sorcerers work through the force of will which is the human expression of intent and can be depleted. When I say that the warriors of freedom to do not work with will, I mean that will is not the force that the warriors of freedom try to DEVELOP. Will is the hu-man force which first directs attention and then holds it in place once it has been directed, so of course the warriors of freedom use it, but it is made to serve its FUNCTION and is not bent and twisted to fulfill the whims of the little self.

Intent is commanded by the Dreamer. Therefore working with intent and learning to master intent is a matter of intelligent cooperation with your Dreamer. This puts forth the first requirement for cultivating the ability to work with intent, which is the ability to listen to the heart. It is through the heart that one becomes capable receiving direction from ones Dreamer. To be able to REGISTER the commands of one's heart is an ABSOLUTE requirement for being able to work with intent. The concept of listening to ones heart is already covered extensively in the archives so I will not cover it here.

Once one has registered the command of one's heart, calling forth the force of the Dreamers intent is simply a matter of aligning all of one's thoughts, feelings and actions with the command. In other words, one must do EVERYTHING within ones power to fulfill the command. This GESTURE opens a clear pathway'' within one's life through which the Dreamers intent can flow. It is worth mentioning at this point that it is the will that is used as a meansconstructing'' the channel through which the Dreamers intent can flow. The warrior uses his will to direct and hold his attention towards those attitudes and circumstances that SUPPORT the command of his heart. This is the intelligent cooperation that must take place between the little self and the Dreamer. When the warrior has successfully aligned all of his being with the command of his heart the force of intent sooner or later and often quite magically manifests itself.

The way intent has typically manifested for me is that in following the commands of my heart I have often come up against obstacles that appear to me to be insurmountable. I had exhausted all of my resources to fulfill the command of my heart and I still cannot see a way forward. It is at this point in the struggle where something within me gives way and I find myself doing things I never dreamed I was capable of before. Other times at this point of great struggle I will be presented with apparent ``miracles'', such as a stranger contacting me out of nowhere who is willing to provide me with exactly what I need to overcome the present challenge. Through these experiences over the years I have learned that there are some people who HOPE for miracles, whereas a warrior learns to RELY on them. This reliance does not come out of blind faith, but out of the KNOWLEDGE gained through EXPERIENCE that nothing can stand in the way of the intent of the Unspeakable.

By an Apprentice Seer