Attention, the Second, the Point of the Observer, ARTICLE ON from Warriors' Journeys

  • Attention, the Second, the Point of the Observer, ARTICLE ON
  • Observer, the, the point of, ARTICLE ON

Perceiving directly from the point of the observer is an altered state of perception and requires the individual to first enter heightened awareness. I have covered accessing heightened awareness in a separate article of which this article can be considered the sequel.

In this article I will attempt to guide you towards a FEELING for what I like to term the "point of the observer''. Becoming familiar with the point of the observer is a fundamental part of the seer's experience. It is fundamental because it is the part of one's psyche which KNOWS once one has seen. Technically, it is what is actually EXPERIENCED as one's own assemblage point. That conglomeration of intricate feelings, which forms a coherent picture within oneself of the world one perceives.

It is important to grasp how a seer relates to the point of the observer in order avoid any preconceived ideas that the experience of seeing originates from OUTSIDE of oneself. By outside of oneself I am referring to the COMPLETE tonal. Seeing is not a function of the internal dialogue or the emotions or any physical sensation. When a seer sees, the knowledge gained is registered through what can be characterized as ILLUMINATION. In my initial discovery of the Warrior's Path I would read descriptions of altered states of perception and without realizing it I would take these descriptions quite literally. I would visualize the described scenes as experiences equivalent to the perception of the PHYSICAL world. It is true that with certain techniques one can have these surreal other-worldly experiences, but in my experience none of these techniques brought me any closer to freedom. With seeing the golden rule is always, and I mean ALWAYS that a seer works with the perception of SUBTLETIES.

In trying to describe the point of the observer we once again run into that difficult task of trying to describe a feeling or no-thing. So, in an attempt to speak AROUND this feeling I will use the example of an exercise you should already be familiar with. Look at your hands and flex your fingers in front of you. You clearly see that you can make your body move, proving that you can control your body. Therefore, you must be that thing that commands your body. You have thoughts and you observe that with very little effort you can make yourself think about one thing and then just as quickly have your thoughts focus on something else. Therefore, you cannot be your thoughts, but must be that thing which controls your thoughts. Now you see that you have emotions. You can see that depending on what you tell yourself about your experiences, you can make yourself feel joyful or sad, angry or fearful. When these emotions are invoked from external stimuli you can suppress them, steer them, use them to fuel destructive impulses or you can use them as a source of strength when you most need it. Therefore, you see that you can control your emotions. If you can control your emotions, then you cannot be your emotions. Seeing now that you are not your body, your thoughts or your emotions, you can observe that you are "something else'', which at this moment defies your ability to GRASP or to DESCRIBE. If you look carefully at the characteristics surrounding this form-less YOU all you can say at the moment is that you EXIST, that you PERCEIVE and that you command forces that control your body, thoughts and emotions.

What you will discover with careful observation is that perception is REGISTERED at this place "behind'' the physical, mental and emotional levels. It from this place within yourself that thoughts and emotions are registered and it is here that you ``hold'' within yourself the model of the physical world you perceive. By centering your attention on this point of perception instead of it being distributed around the "outer" levels, which are the physical, mental, and emotional "impulses", you will discover that you can perceive other impulses, which do not originate from the first three layers. When enough of these previously subconscious impulses or FEELINGS are explored they start to take shape and become a completely new experience of oneself or the world around one. The best way that I have found to describe it is to liken the experience to feeling around in a dark and unfamiliar room for a light switch. Your hands and feet are constantly touching surfaces in order to protect yourself as you make your way through the room. If you do this long enough you start to form a sensual picture within your mind of the room and its contents. You can "see'' the room in a way that transcends the visual. This is the fundamental process through which all perception is assembled. By perceiving directly from the point of the observer the warrior is able to become aware of all of those previously subconscious feelings. This ability allows him/her to assemble countless altered states of perception. In further articles I will share my own experiences of these altered states of perception and what I have learned from them.

By an Apprentice Seer