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  • Life, the web of, ARTICLE ON

This article is a BRIEF introduction to a very extensive subject. The intent behind this writing is simply to aid the advanced apprentice in recognizing what Toltecs and seers call the Web of Life. For these apprentices this article should be taken as a reference source that can only help as a CONFIRMATION of their own inner explorations. If as an apprentice you are able to see all of what I describe here for yourself, then you are more than capable of continuing this exploration into those aspects of the web of life which I will not cover in this article.

The web of life is the primary medium through which a seer sees. The exploration that led to my own awareness of the web of life began with becoming conscious of TENSION. Tension is that force which draws ones attention towards something. Technically, tension is caused by electro-magnetic potential that is initially setup between energy fields during the act of perception. Tension leads to the flow energetic impulses between energy fields and as has already been described in detail in the books, this flow of energy is what causes perception. The web of life is the network of these energy flows that permeate the entire universe. A seer's ability to "trace'' or "follow'' these energy flows in order to gain knowledge is what is known as ACTIVE seeing. This is to be differentiated from passive seeing, which is often referred to as SPONTANEOUS seeing. Spontaneous seeing is experienced as knowledge appearing within oneself where the moment before there was nothing. Today, very little is understood about how spontaneous seeing occurs and it is only mentioned here for clarity.

A good way of grasping how a seer sees a particular energy flow would be to take the example of this article. This article has an overarching message that gives the reader a FEELING of what the article is meant to convey. This overall message is made up of interlocking concepts that are encapsulated within each paragraph of this article. Each paragraph has its corresponding concept built by each sentence. Each sentence constructs a base feeling to be communicated to the reader, which is tuned by the writers choice of even more fundamental components i.e. words. From here the perceptive reader will also note that words themselves are constructed from the even more fundamental letters, which can be reduced further to numbers and so on. So when a seer looks at any one particular energy flow he/she sees it as a tension made up of ever finer and more subtle tensions or frequencies experienced as feelings. This energy flow has the visual impact on the seer's inner eye of many threads clinging together which are strung between what can be described as NODES.

A web would not be much of a web without nodes that connect the tangles of strands. The node is a fundamental aspect of the web of life and is the complement of TENSION. I choose to call them "nodes'', because they appear to the inner vision as points where many threads are joined together. These nodes are actually CON-CEPTS that have been MANIFESTED within oneself. These concepts or nodes are a convergence of forces and can be literally any-thing that it is possible to PERCEIVE. Every node in existence represents for the seer a truly unique ALIGNMENT of energy fields which can be experienced. It should be noted here that with practice it is possible for most people to gain some skill in following tensions, but it is in the ability to align perfectly these nodes, which is one of the distinguishing abilities of a seer. In order to grasp how nodes and tensions are experienced together we will look at an example.

If we look at a tension as essentially a relationship, then one can observe that there is tension of one kind or another between oneself and every person and thing in one's life. We will use Bob as an example. Bob is an average male and is not an apprentice to the Warrior's Path. Bob looks at the relationship between himself and his manager Gregg. As he turns his attention towards Gregg he calls forth within himself the impression he has of Gregg based on his past and present perceptions of him. Depending on the relationship this impression could be repellent or attractive or a mixture of both repellent and attractive feelings. This reminds us that the overall tension of the relationship between Bob and Gregg is actually constructed of many finer tensions. For example, Bob has an attractive feeling towards Gregg on a mental level, because he and Gregg have been able to have stimulating discussions during lunch hours. There is a pull of attention between Bob and Gregg, because Bob is wondering what else he can learn through his discussions with Gregg. Bob also has an overlapping repulsive feeling towards Gregg, because there have been a couple of incidents where Gregg had to speak with Bob about his sloppy work. Bob did not enjoy being seen as lazy by being called out as a sloppy worker. Due to these incidents Bob is slightly repelled by Gregg out of fear that he will provoke Gregg into reprimanding him again. From here it can be seen that the present state of Bob and Greggs relationship is a combination of overlapping forces, which produce a tension. From the point of view of Bob, if the two forces mentioned are not in equilibrium with each other, then Bob will either find himself trying to avoid Gregg because he is allowing his fear to overpower his interest in Gregg or there will be the opposite effect and Bob will find himself actively seeking further discussions with Gregg despite his fear.

In this analogy Bob and Gregg are the nodes, and the perceptions flowing between them are the thread. To see why it is that Bob and Gregg are seen as nodes it must be understood that each of these present tensions existing between Bob and Gregg are coloured by other tensions existing in their life, such as their relationship with their wives, colleagues, houses etc. This is as simple as saying that Bob will interact differently to Gregg if he has just learned his wife is having a baby than he will if he has just had an argument with his brother. It is the sum total of these tensions existing within oneself that are often referred to as a person's state of being.

It is clear to see that a person's state of being is not only influenced by present circumstances but by past circumstances as well. As an example, a person can be haunted for years by a sense of hurt stemming from an incident that occurred many years beforehand. Just as one can still feel a sense of joy at remembering the close sharing with a long gone friend. What may not be so clear for many people is that a person's state of being is also influenced by the future. One example of how the future bears its pressure upon an individual's state of being is through dreams, where the Dreamer feeds its (often subconscious) impulses to the little self in order to influence it in the needed direction. The future will also influence ones present state of being through the medium of inspiration, where one can suddenly feel inspired to pursue a new career or simply write to a friend. These examples are important to note, because they reveal another property of the web of life, which is that tensions or energy flows transcend TIME.

With this fact it is revealed that the web of life exists within the Eternal Now. This is of relevance, because it helps one to understand how it is possible that a seer can have visions of the past as well as the future. Through the web of life everything that has or ever will exist is connected. There are a great many implications to this and the other facts I have shared that the perceptive reader will find quite rewarding to discover. Implications which are so beautifully expressed in the first lines of William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence:

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

By an Apprentice Seer