Théun Mares, addressing the Vladivostok Congress (2003) from Warriors' Journeys

  • Théun Mares, addressing the Vladivostok Congress (2003)

Address by Théun Mares

Delivered To The Vladivostok Congress September 2003

"Globalisation: Interaction of Economics, Cultures, Technologies and Nature"


On 13th June 1995, unbeknown to the vast majority of humanity, there occurred what has been to date perhaps the most significant full moon in the history of humanity. On that day all life upon this planet entered an unprecedented era. Although man in general is as yet oblivious to the momentous changes which took place on that full moon, he has nevertheless been catapulted into an experience which is already begun to materialise its effects upon the physical plane. These effects will gradually become clear for all to see, and it will be then that man will recognise for himself that his old and comfortably-familiar world is now slipping away rapidly.

This is a new age in which time can no longer be measured in years, for the radical changes that have been initiated are precipitating a vastly different world, which is coming into existence hour by hour, day by day. Mighty forces of the universe, of which humanity is wholly unaware, have been brought into alignment, to focus upon our world, and through the effect of these forces a new humanity is being moulded.

The great wheel of evolution has turned and, in turning, it has brought man back to a cross road first encountered in that far-distant time when life flourished upon the ancient continent of Atlantis. Today man must face and bring to a conclusion that which was initiated eighteen million years ago. Therefore, what esotericists have through the times termed 'The Dawn of the New Age', is in fact also 'The Day of Reckoning' predicted by the prophets of doom. This was the day that was marked by the full moon of June 1995.

It is not the end of the world as this has been commonly understood, nor is it the New Age as it has been anticipated, but this day did mark the end of the known world and the beginning of a time in which a new world is even now being established. At a time when world turmoil, economic instability, confusion and emotional hysteria seem to have become the norm, it is no longer easy for men and women to discern with any certainty what is transpiring in the world today. The current sophistication and freedom of the news media, coupled with the advent of television and the worldwide web, have not only brought world events and extraordinary thinking into the homes of millions of people the world over, but have also contributed towards an ever- increasing prejudice based upon separative views and a lack of the much needed knowledge of universal law. Exposed to snippets of information, which are often ingeniously put together in such a way as to prove a fashionable concept, men and women every where are today being bombarded by all manner of political, socio-economic and ethico-religious theories, expounded by an alarming number of misguided individuals - individuals who more often than not are the unconscious victims of a personal inner drive to promote their own self-importance and their own self-centred goals.
In order to gain a proper understanding of what is being offered here as an explanation of what is really taking place in the world today, it will help to accept for the purposes of this presentation that the world is not what it appears to be. I ask that you accept this, not as a statement of fact, but merely as a working hypothesis.

There is much within the unseen realms of life upon this planet, and for that matter within the universe, which evades the comprehension of man's foremost thinkers, and even of the Toltecs' most able seers. Notwithstanding this, Toltecs nevertheless do have at their disposal enough knowledge and personal experience with which to challenge a great many of the haphazard theories currently being put forward by a lot of man's present-day politicians, economists, prophets and spiritual teachers.

Who are the Toltecs? Toltecs are men and women of knowledge who have laboured behind the scenes throughout the ages since time immemorial, researching, collating and safe-guarding humanity's heritage in the form of oral teachings that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Toltecs have ever known that the Toltec teachings are the property of no one man or group of people, but are the common heritage of all of mankind. It has therefore always been an unequivocal fact amongst Toltecs that once man has come of age he will have to be instructed in taking charge of his awesome inheritance. This day has dawned, and it is for this reason that Toltecs are once again stepping forward to draw man's attention to his natural heritage, and in the process also inevitably challenging much of what is today regarded as constituting truth and the future of the world and of all life upon this planet.

The first step in this process is relatively simple, but the effects of introducing man to his divine birthright are profoundly significant. By being able to compare present world knowledge with his natural heritage, man will at last be able to discriminate wisely, and thus will the one true light emerge, sweeping all before it into the much-needed transformation within every sphere of human endeavour if humanity is to survive the dire challenges facing it today in terms of political upheaval, rapidly deteriorating social values and standards, and even more importantly, the imminent collapse of the world's economy.

The writing is on the wall, and yet the vast majority of humanity is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the inevitable. The United States of America has been playing Big Brother to the rest of the world for so long, and have so enforced its values, it beliefs, its prejudices, and ultimately its justifications for domination and control upon just about every nation on this planet through its brute economic strength, that world conditions have reached a critical momentum that is about to swing the pendulum the other way. The on-going war in Iraq is the beginning of this process.

The United States of America can no longer deny that the invasion of Iraq was not so as to protect the rest of the world against the use of nuclear arms, but was instead a justification for its greed to gain even more economic and political power through the resources of oil. This was clear to start with, and yet humanity as a whole, because of its sense of apathy and helplessness on the one hand, and its complacency and willful ignorance on the other hand, has been content to sit back and to allow the United States to take this action, an action, the backlash of which, is going to hit us all. Because of the manner in which the United States of America has been conducting its economy that economy is today in dire straights, and it is therefore most unlikely that the American economy is going to survive the guerilla warfare in Iraq. The pendulum must and will swing in order to restore balance to the world economy, but when it does swing the American economy will collapse, and because the rest of the world has become so dependent upon the American economy in so many ways, this collapse will hit us all.

The full moon on 13th June 1995 marked the beginning of this age, an age which Toltecs look upon as humanity having come of age, in the sense that men and women everywhere are now being faced with the challenge of having to fight for themselves, and by themselves as individuals that are now responsible enough to no longer need a Big Brother to do it for them. If humanity is going to survive the imminent and dire economic challenge facing us all, then it is going to have to have at its disposal the required tools that will enable men and women the world over to fight the correct battle.

To come of age is no simple affair, because it entails understanding one's true purpose in life, and the acceptance of one's responsibility to oneself, to one's family, one's society, one's race, and ultimately to the world around one. This is a point of critical importance, for it is only the absolute bigot that still stubbornly holds onto the belief that it is possible to survive without the well-being of the greater whole. Every sane human being today is fully aware of the fact that all of life is thoroughly interrelated, and because it is interrelated, everyone and everything is one hundred percent interactive and interdependent. It is therefore utter madness to persist with the demented idea that we can act without effecting the world around us, and conversely, that the actions of others do not have a direct impact upon us all. This is true of the individual, and it is equally true of business and economics, science, education, religion and politics.

If we are to achieve clarity on this issue when viewing humanity as a whole it is important to realise that Toltecs have always mirrored for man his own evolutionary progress. This in effect means that the history of Toltecs is in reality the history of mankind. Therefore, the disastrous outcome of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, as well as its reflections across the subsequent millenniums, is but the profile of humanity itself, and Toltec history should accordingly be viewed as the mirror-image of the unseen influences that have dictated the course of history. To bring this into perspective, let us briefly summarise the position of Toltecs, since they reflect how humanity as a whole stands today.

Toltecs are men and women who wield a great deal of power, but Toltecs also have to abide by the laws of universal evolution. The warrior's command is indeed the command of the Unspeakable, but this does not mean that the warrior commands and the Unspeakable obeys - it means that the warrior understands and knows the purpose of the Unspeakable, and so follows the dictums of power. It is possible to turn one's back upon universal law and to ignore the purpose of the Unspeakable, but to do so is to repeat the mistakes of Atlantis and to stray onto the path of the black arts. Many a Toltec has erred in this way, and today millions of people the world over likewise walk the path of black magic, even though they may claim innocence. In the days of Atlantis those who practiced the black arts were known as sorcerers, and their desired goal was to achieve having as much power over the lives of others as possible. Today such people are still with us, and their desire to control and dominate the lives of others is no different to that of their Atlantean predecessors, except that today their practices are not termed sorcery, but goes under the benign sounding name of a political democracy that claims to support the economic prosperity of all concerned.

Yet the time has come for us all to clearly state where we place our allegiance. No longer can we pretend, or sit on the fence, or procrastinate. The forces which swung into full effect on 13 June 1995, and which are slowly but surely beginning to force man into making a stand for what he believes in, are no less than the forces of division demanding conscious choice and discrimination. This is so because the greatest threat facing humanity today is the same threat that first reared its ugly head in the days of Atlantis, namely, the abuse of power and the abandoning of true freedom under the guise of a so-called democracy that is a total farce. As Oscar Wilde expressed it so well, "Democracy is the bludgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people!"

As a result of the abuse of both political and economic power, there has never before in the history of man been such worldwide disunity as today. The world today is divided everywhere; churches are divided, esoteric schools of thought are divided, politicians, educationalists, medical practitioners, and even scientists, stand divided. This immense division has brought about a sense of gross separativeness, suspicion, fear and hatred, and as this takes root more and more deeply, man finds himself the victim of an ever-increasing sense of confusion and hopelessness. Abundance has given way to poverty, social well-being has been supplanted by violence, and security has been superseded by fear, as even family units are now being torn apart by the waves of segregation.

However, notwithstanding anything stated thus far, it should also be pointed out that not all of the chaos threatening the survival of humanity today is the result of the leaders of mankind. It always takes two to tango, and in this respect humanity is as guilty as any of its leaders, for humanity has been a most agreeable partner in all of what has transpired over the past couple of decades. The role which humanity itself has played, and continues to play in the current worldwide disunity is simple, but nevertheless also profound in its implications. Man has, quite simply, reached adulthood. No longer content with having to accept at face value the rules which have dictated its childhood and adolescence, humanity in general has become anti-establishment. Impatient to be heard, and anxious to flex their psychic muscles, people of all ages and from all walks of life have begun a planetary revolution against the accepted authorities of society.

This has always been the predictable and inevitable outcome of evolution, but so strong have been the effects of social conditioning that the majority of peace-loving people have, in their fear of change, always chosen to ignore the demands of the revolutionaries. However, today, as more and more people join sides with the rebels, social authority is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the demands of these people and to keep their actions in check. Furthermore, since lack of true communication between these two factions has always been the greatest grievance, no one is any longer certain what the real issues are. Consequently, the authorities are fighting a battle to maintain a social system which even they are beginning to question, whilst the revolutionaries are fighting for a cause of which they too are no longer certain.

In this kind of situation it is hardly surprising that there has been such an upsurge of lawlessness. There have always been those people who can only be termed social dropouts, and who therefore have no particular values to offer anyone. Such people are not interested in a social order of any kind, and so will support any group which is anti-establishment, regardless of whether or not they actually believe in the ideals fostered by that group. The group in its turn, often highly emotional, and therefore lacking in clarity, and in addition feeling the heavy burden of being in the minority, will welcome without question anyone who is willing to join its cause. In this way, many a well-meaning group which has had a legitimate cause to begin with, sooner or later finds that its ranks have become infiltrated by scum, and thus the movement itself has become deflected from its original objectives. A glaring example of such well-meaning but misguided groups, are the ever more popular Trade Unions that all too often cripple the very people they are supposed to be serving.

There are also in the world today far too many individuals in all walks of life, political, economic, educational and spiritual, which have seen in this general state of confusion an opportunity to push their own ideals for selfish gain and to elevate their own self-importance. In this respect it is staggering to see the growing number of self-styled political figures, economic advisors, prophets and spiritual teachers who have emerged from out of nowhere over the past forty years or so. Admittedly some of these people have had a little knowledge to begin with but, hampered by a limited vision, and driven by an over-inflated ego, they have taken full advantage of humanity's general sense of confusion to promote their own self-centred goals and self-worth.

In all this confusion, the deterioration of man's belief in orthodox religion has done nothing to help the situation. No longer able to believe in the narrow-minded and thoroughly outdated teachings still being pushed by many theologians who have long since ceased to adhere to the truth within their own teachings, a great many disillusioned people are today turning elsewhere to find answers to their questions. However, not having the necessary knowledge with which to discriminate between falsehood and truth, these seekers more often than not fall prey to the highly questionable teachings of unscrupulous men and women who like to believe that they are gifted truthsayers.

Many of these self-styled truthsayers, like the overly ambitious politicians of the world, have latched onto the concept that humanity does not take kindly to the idea that the wool is being pulled over its eyes. Consequently, we find today all manner of stories which have been fabricated around the idea that somewhere there are a group of people conspiring to keep humanity in the dark. This is happening in every department of human endeavour, but most noticeably in politics, religion, and science. Since there is already in the world such a marked sense of confusion, suspicion is easily created and, consequently, whenever someone comes forward with yet another story of conspiracy, there are always those who are ready to listen, and even to believe. Although it is true that there are today many people in the world who purposely keep the true nature of their activities covert, as for example, the many officials working under the auspices of political governments, their economic powers and their armed forces, yet the only ones who are really keeping humanity in the dark is humanity itself because of always having been only to happy to hand its power over to Big Brother, instead of individuals making the necessary effort to take responsibility for their own lives and well-being.

Nevertheless, if the individual is to take responsibility for his or her own life and well-being, then it should also be acknowledged that just as it is the duty of science and religion to promote the truth, so is it also the duty of the government of any country first and foremost to ensure the safety, the well-being and the prosperity of its citizens. In this respect what really needs to happen is for government officials to acknowledge that they are the servants of the public and, as such, do not have the right to withhold information to which any member of the public should have free access. We are no longer living in an era in which every man is forced to obey his sovereign. The very essence of democracy demands that we all have an equal say with regard to our own life and future. Therefore no government, or its officials, has the right to act secretly upon confidential information that could possibly endanger public security or, for that matter, could have worldwide repercussions in the long term.

Furthermore, wherever there is a lack of communication, or a distortion of the truth for self-centred gain, an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion is the inevitable result. Unfortunately though, politicians today all too often choose to forget this important fact, and since they can and do manipulate vast economic powers, it is unhappily also true that they normally do not find it too difficult to enforce the co-operation of even those that would normally not be willing to support such an abuse of power. The most recent example of this was the attitude and stance adopted by the government of the United States of America with respect to the invasion of Iraq.

But irrespective of who is to blame, the fact remains that the current world situation can only be reversed once people in general, irrespective of whether they are government officials, economists, or average Joe, would acknowledge that self-importance must give way to the common good of all, and that information is not the property of any one man to be used as a tool with which to manipulate and control others. Man must learn to share his information and experience and, above all, learn the art of communication, so that true democracy can come into being, and that all may participate in working towards the freedom and the well-being of all life.

With respect to the concept of sharing knowledge and therefore sharing joint responsibility for the future of life upon this planet, by far the most important point that must be stressed is that today there are far too many people in all walks of life punting and selling all manner of escapisms, so that man is encouraged to avoid taking responsibility for his own life. Such people, whether they are aware of it or not, are compounding the negative influences of social conditioning, and have no idea of what constitutes true freedom. These people, keen to feather their own nests and to line their own pockets, are for ever very busy confirming to man that he is indeed a victim of circumstance, and very much in need of outside help in order to sort out his life. However, the only help humanity needs today is guidance towards taking full responsibility for its life, its past and its future, and towards taking a firm stand on issues of true freedom. In this respect the example of the current war in Iraq is a sad testimony to man's stubborn reluctance to accept responsibility for his life.

Looking at everything we have looked at so far from a different perspective, it is also clear to see that the world situation today is but the natural and inevitable outcome of evolution, and of the cosmic forces that have recently been introduced into our system. Therefore what we are now looking at as being a potential disaster is in fact our fleeting moment of chance. Contrary to what many prophets of doom believe, all is not lost, for there is every reason to hope - indeed there is now more reason to hope than ever before. Man has had to walk this sad and difficult path of self-destruction in order to learn the true value of the priceless gift of life, and the awesome responsibility of knowledge. Learning is by far the hardest task facing any man or woman, and true knowledge never comes cheaply, for it can only be acquired through the rigorous experiences of life. There is no highway to heaven, and no easy solution to the problems facing all of humanity.

What depresses men and women most today, and what is therefore the greatest cause of apathy and inertia, is the unconscious realisation that the many false ideals they have held so close to their hearts, through their fear and inherent laziness, must now be replaced by a sane and responsible approach if global disaster is to be avoided. People's sense of depression arises because they feel that they do not know which way to turn, or what to think. But the one thing that will not help any of us is that humanity continues in its utterly insane persistence at attempting to buy time, for on the full moon of June 1995 time had already run out. Humanity now has its back most firmly up against the wall - it is now or never. It is precisely within this grim state of affairs that lies man's hope for a bright new world - a world in which peace and abundance will once again be the common heritage of all life upon this planet.

However, this bright new world is not about to appear out of the mist. Such a world will have to be planned and worked for. Therefore action is the order of the day, and sound sensible thought is called for. Panic or despondency will do nothing to improve the situation, and nor will it help to continue to place our hopes in Big Brother. Man today is the product of his own doing, and so too is the destruction that has crippled the planet. No-one, no matter what their claims may be, can release humanity from its responsibility now that man has come of age, and therefore the day has dawned when he must take full responsibility for his actions in the past and face squarely the future. To take responsibility for the past is the true meaning of 'the Day of Reckoning', and to face the future squarely is the challenge posed by 'the Dawn of the New Age'.

What is the Dawn of the New Age? It is an age that is already upon us, for the tide of evolution cannot be stemmed, and the forces of destiny cannot be avoided. Man must, and will be forced into having to acknowledge, firstly, that all of life is interrelated, interactive and interdependent; and secondly, because life is interconnected, none of us can survive unless people in all walks of life start to drop their sense of gross separativeness, their socio-ethical, racial and politico-religious prejudices in making a sincere and concerted effort at working together in the spirit of intelligent co-operation towards the well-being of the greater whole. It is sheer madness to assume that you alone can survive when you are busy killing the world around you.

Everyone of us, no matter whom and what we are, and no matter what our role within the world around us may be, will have to choose. The only thing that remains to be seen is how many will choose to follow the ways of the old and perish, and how many will choose to fight for the new knowing that unless they fight they will perish along with the rest. Should the majority of humanity decide to face the challenge currently confronting us, we will survive; but if humanity continues to ignore what is transpiring today in the hope that the challenge will just disappear, humanity will be forced to learn through the pain of loss.

What can we as individuals do? The only thing we can do is to lead by example in taking those actions that do foster and support intelligent co-operation with all concerned as we, each in our own way, and in whatever walk of life we find ourselves, strive towards playing our own unique roles in creating a new world order, an order in which peace and plenty will once again bring harmony to all life upon our wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful planet. To this end it is of vital importance that we take heart and courage, for never before in the history of life upon Earth have the stakes been so high, and never before has the opportunity for humanity been so awesome. But the outcome lies in the hands of each and every individual the world over. You who are gathered here for this congress are individuals, and the decisions you make, the conclusions you arrive at, your every action as well as your motive for your actions, will collectively ripple out from here to impact upon all around you, here, and wherever you come from, and because you are a unit of the One Life, the consequences of your actions will impact upon you too, for such is the nature of the interrelationship of life. If you are attending this congress to fight for a better life for yourselves, then realize that there is only One Life, only one humanity, and therefore if you wish for a better life than the one you have now, then you must fight to uplift all of life, for you are a unit of the greater whole. If the greater whole is uplifted, then so too are you; if the greater whole suffers, you too must and will suffer.

I salute you in the name of service,
Théun Mares
Toltec nagal