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  • Science, and materialisation, ARTICLE ON

Why the Toltec teachings, or even fragments of them, have not been acknowledged by science, whilst science today has a very broad research ability and experimental base.

The reason why the Toltec teachings do not have any apparent influence on modern science is partly due to the fact that these teachings were hidden from humanity at large for many hundreds of years, and thus only recently started to become available to everyone. On the other hand, the state of modern science to date, with its prevailing emphasis on a materialistic view of the world, together with the predominant educational structures being of the same character, scientists are generally unable to perceive the teachings as an expression of real knowledge.

Another contributing factor to the emphasis on the materialistic approach is the current orientation of science and academia towards market models and profit. Here, both science and education become directly involved in the trading of ideas, advertising and fund raising. In this system the funds are normally given either by governmental structures or in some cases by private institutions, and it is these organisations which really decide what the money will be spent on, and what avenues of research will be undertaken. On the one hand it fosters what can be perceived as a natural competition between researches for these resources, which by all means would not be a bad thing in itself. However, this would be the case IF it could be guaranteed that the financing bodies have the people's best interest at heart at all times, and not they are not for political or financial profits. This is far from always being the case as will be discussed in more detail below.

In the Toltec teachings, however, science is far from being nonsense, but instead it is allocated to the five areas of the human endeavour, in which men or women hunt for power in the outer world. In this context the aim of science is considered in a way that is very close to the conventional - to improve the quality of all Life, in all of its multiple appearances and forms. At the same time, looking at the world literally falling apart today in so many respects, it is not possible to say that science is fulfilling this role to any meaningful degree. Analysis of the inherent manifestations of this shows that the destruction takes place due to neglect, often deliberate, of the interrelationship, the interdependence and the interaction of all of life and its individual parts. This is being carried out on various levels, always resulting in a chaos which appears either in physical realms as environmental catastrophes or as war casualties; or in realms of emotions and thoughts - as suffering or mentally degrading patterns. Needless to say, this also transpires via the routes provided by a distorted education.

Let us look at a few more examples illustrating the apparent contradictions between the Toltec teachings and modern science.

From the scientific point of view at this moment in time, the luminous cocoon of man and his assemblage point would make an impossible object of study. In particular, from a physicist's point of view phenomena of such kind are impossible to register or measure in some way, even using the best and most expensive equipment available. On the other hand, the ingrained educational mentality is such that if a physicist would start speaking about something like etheric bodies or bands of energy fields, he would, most likely, be frowned upon by his colleagues and peers. There are of course areas of research such as psychophysics and psychology, which are dealing indirectly with the mentioned phenomena. But, even in this case the dogmatic indoctrination goes rather deeply, with the result that the leading researchers in these areas can often become attacked by their less 'spiritually oriented' colleagues from other fields. At the end of the day, any particular theme in studies belonging to the true nature of man is lablled by the majority as being witchcraft, and strangely enough this mindset still prevails.

Furthermore, when there are any worthy discoveries they become easily lost in archives with time because of not having receivied support from the majority. Alternatively they becomet classified information for various other "mysterious" reasons. LOL. Not surprisingly, this mentality affects not only paranormal discoveries, but also any new discoveries, new as in the true sense of being destined to shatter the foundations of existing scientific dogma. It is worth mentioning that the ardent protectors of such dogma, who often name themselves as sceptics, sometimes go to truly astonishing efforts to protect what they believe is true. Thus any inventor or scientist stepping out of the circle is always put under enormous pressure of constant attacks and "misfortunes" from these sceptics and sometimes also other parties. The nature of sceptics is an interesting subject in itself though. The observations show that one of the most typical traits of such types is their own lack of belief in the value of the work that they have chosen or were assigned to do. It is then this lack of belief and self-worth which they bestow plentifully on the heads of those who step out of the circle or at least attempt to start thinking outside of the box. There are no victims, however, and this point will be elaborated in some detail further down the line.

Looking at other examples similar to the above, the interrelationship of all of life, the web of life, stalking or dreaming - would also be inaccessible for current scientific study due to the lack of the necessary measuring apparatus and method of assessment. In other words - there is no object that can be measured, and hence there can be no study of the object - at least as far as experimental research and technology are concerned. Jowever, there are great exceptions in other scientific areas. In the field of social sciences the work of Prof. Peter Senge of MIT and his colleagues can be mentioned.* And in the field of psychology the example of Carl Gustav Jung shines just as brightly as it did when he was still alive.

It should be stressed however, that there is a conflict of a fundamental character in all of this. It is said by Toltecs that the true teachings cannot be verbalised, for they belong to left side awareness. Today's science largely concerns itself only with the rational/logical approach. This in itself is not wrong for without clarity and rigorous approach natural phenomena cannot be understood and put into practical utilisation. However, it is the irrational knowledge, the joined work of inspiration and intuition, which lead to the creativity, and hence to true discovery.

In this context the study of the history of science for the last 100 -150 years shows quite interesting facts and examples. It reveals, amongst other things, how tightly science has been held under the influence and control of factors which do not encourage true creativity but rather foster social conditioning and mediocrity. And on the other hand, it also reveals great breakthroughs of thought and discovery, counterbalancing those oppressing forces, despite all the attempts at control. Truly, the human spirit can never be defeated.

Two of the most revealing examples can be taken from the field of physics and natural sciences, where a well documented grip of suppression was taking place on the works of such great inventors as Nicola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger. These two geniuses have practically disappeared from (or perhaps it is better to say - never were in) the educational textbooks. According to their own writings as well as the level of achievement (Tesla alone produced more than 700 patents), both men can be undoubtedly called visionaries, for they understood deeply the interrelationship of life, as well as a great many subtle but powerful mechanisms by which nature works. One of the results of this was that the majority of their inventions and discoveries pointed the way to harmonic and complementary usage of natural resources without breaking down the subtle natural balances or any forms of life. Unfortunately for them they also knew how to obtain abundant and inexpensive energy (which also was an ecologically clean energy). But this was something which could not be tolerated and accepted by the ruling parties of the time, as it literally threatened their worldwide financial monopolies. For instance: if everyone had free access to energy resources, without metering, taxes and fees, there would be no profit in this kind of technology.

Thus it is not surprising that great efforts were applied to wipe out the names of these two inventors from history, as well as to hide as much details and results of their work as possible. In the case of Viktor Schauberger these tactics achieved almost total success, and today only a relatively small number of people are aware of his works. With Tesla everything was not as simple, because apart from the very advanced and complex technologies, he also invented such things like: radio (and it was not Marconi); three-phase electric motors, which currently are used in all industries of the world; and electricity of alternating current that we use literally everywhere. However, and as strange as it may seem, despite the fact that we all use daily fruits of Tesla's work, not only the majority of the population, but often even leading physicists do not know these fundamental facts of history. It should be mentioned that during their lives both Tesla and Schauberger were more than once put under extreme pressure, because of the nature of work that they were doing. The efforts to stop their work went even as far as attempted assassination in Tesla's case, and deliberate deception of Schauberger by US officials, resulting in him losing the rights to all of his life's work.

However, Toltecs maintain there are no victims, and this is still true in the case of these two examples. Both Nicola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger were given challenges that they had to deal with, sometimes with their lives being threatened, but they both dealt with them in a truly honourable manner, doing the best they could and always staying true to themselves. Further on, if we look objectively, we can see that neither of these men lost in the true sense of the word. The legacy of their work is still very much alive today. In fact, after decades of profound suppression it is finally starting to blossom, in that literally thousands of enthusiasts and inventors from all over the world are focusing today on understanding and developing Tesla's and Schauberger's discoveries, with vast amounts of this information being shared on the internet daily.

A 100 or so years ago there was literally only a handful of people who had sufficient technical and experimental training to comprehend the nature of the mentioned discoveries, thus it became relatively easy to burry them. Today, however, the inner drive towards creativity and exploration is leading huge numbers of people towards the inner spirit of those works. On the other hand, the electrical and electronic hardware and resources necessary for experiments are now also much more readily available. People intuitively know or feel what is a valid and life supportive technology and they become drawn to it like a moth to light. What is even more encouraging is that a great many of these people do not have any technical education or background at all, but rather do they start by educating themselves because their genuine interest, their desire to learn and their contagious inspiration, which is so different to the standard education to which we have all been subjected. It is our firm belief that the Toltec teachings will be providing their influence and support at this time, for in truth - the greatest knowledge ever is the knowledge of self.

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