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"All disease is due to a lack of knowledge of SELF"

This is something that I have known for some time. However, it is only in the recent past that I have begun to really UNDER-STAND this.

When I look at the words used in the statement, I need to go beyond their face value. The word DISEASE is dreaded by many, because it is associated with pain and suffering. When I look deeper, I see DIS-EASE, which really implies "not at ease". When I am "not at ease", it usually means that there are challenges in my life that I do not understand. Therefore my dis-ease is possibly the result of me re-acting instead of responding in a life-supportive way to these challenges.

In the sense that it is used by Toltecs, to have KNOWLEDGE implies that I have learned from my own experience. What I have learned from other people by reading or by listening to them is simply information. It will become my knowledge ONLY when I have the experience of using that information, and proving or disproving it for myself by putting it into practice in my daily life.
"Man's only justification for physical existence is to learn; this is his destiny which he cannot avoid under any circumstances." 1

Then in looking at the word SELF, I must always consider carefully, which self I am talking about? I have realised that the majority of spiritual teachers today are working towards developing the little self, which is also known as the dreamed, the tonal or the personality. The tonal or the personality is the triple instrument, or the vehicle (the physical, emotional and mental bodies), which is indwelled by the true SELF, the spirit, in order to experience life on the physical plane. Some teachers have aptly named their work "personal development," i.e. developing the personality. But for how long do we want to keep developing only the personality? And in focussing on this, neglecting our true purpose in evolving the TRUE SELF!

To bring more clarity to this I also need to explain that the dreamer is the nagal's awareness, or the soul, the reincarnating ego. The dreamed or tonal is the incarnation of the dreamer.

The following aphorisms will give you a feeling for what I am trying to impart to you.
"Man incarnates as a dual being, with two distinct polarities to his beingness; the one polarity - pure spirit - is eternal, and is termed the nagal, whilst the other polarity - purely physical - is transient and is called the tonal. These two polarities become fully interactive at the moment of birth." 2

"At birth man is pure nagal being, for his tonal is, to all intents and purposes, undeveloped. But from the moment he is born man can feel that, in order to function within the physical world, he needs a physical counterpart. This sense of being incomplete forces man to focus his attention exclusively on the development and functionality of the tonal, to such an extent that the tonal and its functionality become all-consuming and the nagal is ignored. The result is that by the time the tonal is fully developed and he has achieved full functionality within the world, man is so utterly identified with the tonal that he has become all tonal. Yet this causes him to start feeling incomplete again, for he now senses that an essential part of him is missing." 3

What do we search for when this feeling of incompleteness arises? Do we look to find the nagal WITHIN? Or do we go on a wild goose chase, as we fruitlessly seek that essential missing part of our-selves OUTSIDE of us?

"The tonal of man is the product of incarnation, for we only start to develop it at birth. Our very first breath upon the physical plane is an act of power that gives the tonal life, and brings it into manifestation. Until that first breath the tonal is a form which cannot exist independently of the womb in which it was formed. Therefore the tonal starts at birth and ends at death." 4

"The tonal is the social being, or what may be termed the individual, or the personality." 5

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are not aware that they are anything more than what they have always believed themselves to be. This is mainly because of our social conditioning. Our social conditioning has programmed us into believing that we are our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts. Even the majority of spiritual teachers today are working to develop their personalities, and thus they are also teaching those who are learning from them to do the same. They are developing power-full personalities, but in doing so are neglecting the spirit. This is the path of high adventure, which is a fruitless journey and is sheer folly.

Is it any wonder that there is so much talk about sticky energies and entities among healers? What people normally call an entity is simply the electromagnetic field that remains after the dreamer has withdrawn the life force, the spirit. What remain after death are; the physical body which immediately begins to decay, and the electromagnetically-charged emotional and mental bodies which no longer have a purpose. But because people believe that they are their thoughts and their emotions, they spent their whole life developing the tonal or the little self, instead of working to evolve the awareness of their TRUE SELF. If this is our focus, we fail to rise above our fate in this lifetime, we fail to learn that we are not our thoughts and we are not our emotions, and we neglect the needs of the TRUE-SELF in exchange for the WANTS of the little self.

Is this not so often the entity we talk about when we have to perform an extraction or an exorcism? This highly-charged emotional and mental energy field remains after a life of developing our personalities, but it no longer has a purpose. Yet it is so charged up that it can hang around its perceived possessions and friends, because it is still so dependent on them. Some teachers even believe that this is the spirit, the nagal. However, as Théun stated in Volume II, "To the best of our knowledge, no dreamer has ever been so stupid as to get itself stuck in a discarded vehicle, nor has any dreamer ever been so careless as to leave its awareness wandering around aimlessly in the other world." 6

Here is a simple technique that is also described in Volume IV which will help you to discover that we are not our physical bodies or our thoughts.

"Sit down somewhere quietly, make yourself comfortable, and then close your eyes. Allow yourself to experience each of your senses, with the exception of physical sight. Hear the sounds in the world around you. Smell the air you breathe. Be aware of the taste in your mouth. Feel the touch of clothes against your skin, and the pressure of your body on the furniture and of your feet on the floor. Realise that all these sensations come to you via your physical body, and that you are not your body.

"Now concentrate on your mind. Watch your thoughts as if they are playing off on a television screen in front of you. Allow your thoughts to meander by themselves, but realise that because you can observe them you are not your thoughts, but they are the product of your mind. Now actively and consciously change your thoughts as many times as you want to, and realise that through your ability to do this, you control your mind, and therefore you are not your mind.
If you are not your body, or your mind, then ask yourself what you are. You will not find an answer, only thoughts and more thoughts. But behind those thoughts you will sense an intelligence observing silently - an intelligence which is you.

"Now realise that if you are not your body or your mind, then you are not a physical entity, and because of this, life cannot possibly be what you have always believed it to be. Your name, your circumstances within life, your career, your social standing, your marital status, in fact your everything, is dependent upon you having a physical body which is controlled by your mind. Yet it is your physical body which has a name and an age, which gives you social standing, which makes it possible to be married and to have children, to have a career, to have money, to have a home, a car, life insurance, and so forth. By having a physical body, and a mind by which to direct and control it, all of this becomes possible - life upon the physical plane becomes possible. But behind this, behind your body and your mind is you, the indwelling intelligence.

"This is as far as this technique will take you, but for our present purposes it is far enough. Knowing that you are the intelligence within your body and you can control and direct your mind, ask yourself the question, "Do I control my mind, or am I the victim of my own mind?" This little technique is simplicity itself, and yet apprentices using it for the first time are invariably struck dumb by the overpowering realisation, not only that they identify one hundred percent with both the body and the mind, but worse still, that they are always the victims of their own thoughts, their own minds!" 7

Once we begin to realise that we are the intelligence within, and we begin to put into practice the Toltec teachings, we find that as we start to change the focus, we perceive our challenges in a different light. We begin to loosen the assemblage point, whilst we are gaining more and more knowledge from the challenges we call forth. As we gain more personal power, our perception changes and we are able to shift the assemblage point to opposite the Heart centre. This enables us to access that quality in the west called "feeling". The heart centre is the principal centre of communication between the dreamer and the dreamed.

As the heart opens, our awareness also begins to gravitate more towards the brow centre, which is the expression of true mind. This facilitates the ability to discriminate fully BETWEEN that which is life-supportive and that which is life-destructive. And when we have the ability to discriminate wisely, and our actions are in support of a life that is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, our intention will begin to align itself with our dreamer's intent. As this happens, our awareness also expresses itself more via the Head, or Crown centre, as we co-operate more and more intelligently with our dreamer. The Head centre is the expression of intent. Remember that the two polarities of the dreamer are intent and mind.

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