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  • Healing, ARTICLE ON

The magnetic centres or chakras can only function fully when the personality is under the control of the true self, and when the true self is using the personality to evolve its awareness. So this is the work ahead of each of us: to re-structure our personalities, in order to allow our dreamer to co-operate with the tonal for the purpose of evolving its awareness on our journey in each lifetime on the physical plane.

When the magnetic centres in our bodies are not functioning correctly, then the function of the glands, which are the physical manifestations of the centres, may be affected. Take for example a challenge which causes one to react with fear.

If, instead of embracing that challenge and learning from it, one indulges in the fear and becomes a victim to it, this behaviour will cause an imbalance, first of all, in the magnetic centre. This imbalance will then, over time, manifest as a dis-function in the corresponding gland. The dis-function in the gland will lead to a chemical reaction and a release of chemicals into the blood stream, which in turn will cause another imbalance, which will continue and will eventually, and if not corrected, manifest as an emotional, a mental or a physical imbalance.
The table of the magnetic centres and their corresponding glands and expressions can be seen on page 148 in The Toltec Teachings - Volume IV.

Our journey of self-discovery, when each of us picks up our cross, is, as our awareness grows, one of great beauty. Through the process of carrying our cross, the lower three magnetic centres - which are the most active in the majority of humanity - are re-organised and brought into service of the true self instead of the little self. According to the relative factor of awareness, as these lower centres start to serve the true self, they change polarity from masculine to feminine. This change in polarity makes way for the upper centres to be "awakened", and to assume their rightful place, and so, in their turn, to change polarity from being feminine to masculine.

Mara the virgin, potential intelligence, having through her ability to bring the unknown to the known, conceives through the pressure of intent. When our awareness evolves and we hold within us enough power, the latent energies at the base of the spine are then carried via the solar plexus to the third ventricle and to the brow centre. This ventricle is related to both the Pineal and Pituitary glands and has been identified by many as the seat of the soul. In this evolved state of awareness, Mara, the matter aspect, the mother with child, sits with her son, The Christ, in the presence of The Father in Heaven.

".....Jesus Christ, embodied within himself the principle of evolving awareness, the son of man, who is also the son of God, and who therefore is in this world, but not from this world. Born of Mara, the Virgin, who was come upon by the ideal of the Unspeakable, it is he whom all men seek." 1

Jesus Christ lived on this earth as a human being in whom the divine spirit was fully expressing itself. He came here to teach us, through His expressions of unconditional love in action, that we may follow in His footsteps.

"Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant."

Can this be a keynote for all of us to contemplate on? For each of us to gain new knowledge of self from each battle we engage in, on our own healing journey.

1.    Page 304 The Toltec Teachings - Volume II