Warrior's Path, the, versus, other paths from Warriors' Experience

  • Warrior's Path, the, versus, other paths
  • Mind (s), the true, versus the rational
  • Knowledge, living one's, importance of
  • Toltec, the, legacy
  • Path, with a Heart, meaning of
  • Knowledge, recording of


The Warrior's path is said to be a Path with a Heart, and I do appreciate what that means to some extent, as we blunder along in our genuine efforts to find truth in ourselves through honesty, openness, and a willingness to learn from each other. I see potential benefits in this already, one of them being mutual Trust and the possibility for true Friendship, which is becoming rare!

The Toltec Teachings also require a penetrating use of the intellect, as a great deal of knowledge is held in this realm. I have heard it said that the heart and the intellect are not separate. As everything in life is interconnected this must be true. What exactly is referred to by the heart? Would you expand on the correct use of the heart in relation to the correct use of the intellect?


Before I address these questions please bear in mind that when I refer to mind/intellect I am referring to true mind and not the rational mind. This is depicted in Volume II on page 319. In that diagram the heart is synonymous with Intent. Therefore the heart and the mind are connected. They both arise from the same source. They are separate and yet they are not separate. The mind though, is subordinate to the heart. Practically speaking this means that your mind is a tool at the disposal of your heart, and not the other way round as is so prevalent today. Life is a feeling and not an intellectual exercise. Life is a mystery to be experienced and not a problem to be solved. Your dreamer communicates with you via your heart, technically the heart center, and it is these feelings, arising from the heart, that should direct the mind.

What are the deeper implications to be realized by walking a path with a heart? I trust that the extract from Théun's guidance regarding the Toltec legacy answers this question in some way. Otherwise you must begin to walk and then YOU will tell me.

How is this path, as compared with other paths, mainly a path with a heart?

You must realise that there are many paths to self-knowledge and the true ones all had heart at some point in time. All the great world religions and traditions had heart; they were imparted to humanity either by Atl or by the Guardians of the Race. The problem is the way humanity has interpreted them, and thereby distorted them to such an extent that, to all intents and purposes, they have become devoid of any meaning or heart. Again the extract from Théun's guidance should give you some feeling for why the Warrior's Path can rightfully be termed a Path with a Heart. Also, it will help you to know that originally there was only one religion, the Toltec tradition, and that it was only with the destruction of Atlantis and through the many emigrations by many tribes, across many years, that humanity started to lose its heritage, and therefore developed a need for some form of religion to guide it forward.

The reason why the Warriors of Freedom have been able to preserve the Toltec tradition, and keep it intact, is because it has never been recorded in writing, simply because they knew that any form of recording would make that knowledge static and therefore outdated. But by having LIVED the teachings throughout all of time the knowledge has been kept, not only alive, but also up-to-date and relevant to the constant evolution of awareness. The reason why the teachings are now being recorded in the written form is because humanity has come of age and therefore must now take charge of its heritage. The written word is only being used as a tool to impart to humanity, as widely as possible, its heritage. Now that the teachings are being imparted the onus is on humanity to follow the example set by the Warriors of Freedom in keeping their heritage alive and up-to-date by LIVING the impeccable life of the warrior.

I trust this has answered your questions.

With warm regards,