Teachings, the Toltec, versus, guidance from Warriors' Experience

  • Teachings, the Toltec, versus, guidance
  • Participation, importance of
  • Guidance, calling forth
  • Guidance, versus teaching
  • Intelligent Co-operation, importance of
  • Experience, calling forth

To all Retreat Participants,

With respect to preparing for the retreat I feel it is necessary to give you some guidance on how best to utilise the time you are investing by attending the retreat. In addition to the guidance that has already been given concerning what constitutes the Madness of the Dream, please carefully note, and internalise the following:

It is a universal law that every-thing needs to be called forth in order to materialise, whether we choose to acknowledge this law or not. This law is also not bound by the concepts of 'positive' or 'negative'. In humanity's state of apathy it is generally not recognised that we create our own reality. And even when this fact is accepted it is selectively understood and applied. Inherent within this law is the concept of responsibility, i.e. the ability to respond intelligently to life. The implication is that, consciously or unconsciously, you call forth every-thing in your life. The question is are you going to take responsibility for what you call forth or not? Are you going to engage with life, or do you want it to happen to you?

How is this relevant to your participation on the retreat? You can either sit there passively and expect Théun to "teach" you, or you can engage with him meaningfully based on your life's experience. Life is an experiential affair and all knowledge has its foundation in experience, YOUR EXPERIENCE. Théun has a huge reservoir of knowledge; more than he could impart to you in this lifetime. Therefore what part/s of his knowledge does he impart to you? He could, of course, unilaterally decide on your behalf what it is you need, and quite often the nagal is forced into having to do just this when the apprentice has lost the plot and has become unclear. Or, based on your experience of exploring your self-image and view of the world, YOU can call forth from him what it is you need at this point in time. In this respect, remember that there is little use in receiving guidance/teachings that cannot be put into practice, if that guidance/teaching has no bearing or relevance on the challenges you are having to face right here, right now.

In his training of apprentices Théun never imparts teachings that have no immediate relevance to the apprentice concerned, and therefore always demands that the apprentice calls forth the teachings he/she needs in relation to where his/her life may be at. This is what Théun would like to do with all of you too. He would like all of you to approach these retreats as apprentices working WITH a nagal, and NOT as students attending a lecture or seminar. Do you grasp the huge difference?

The onus will therefore be on you from now on. The retreat can either be of huge benefit to you in terms of receiving guidance that is pertinent to each and every one of you, and that allows you to move forward intelligently and meaningfully, or you can leave with some information that may or may not be useful to you. But either way, Théun wishes you to know that he will not be coming to conduct a series of lectures. He already hinted at this at the previous retreat by stating that he is not a teacher and has not come to teach you anything. He chose to teach you nonetheless, simply to help you over the hurdle of not knowing what to expect in working with a nagal. But now it is intelligent co-operation that is being called for. You have needs to be met, and Théun has the knowledge with which to guide you into meeting those needs. The topic, that is, the Madness of the Dream, only serves to prescribe the parameters within which we will be working this time round. In other words, we will be dealing only with the components of the madness and those topics/subjects relating to it.

Looking forward to seeing those of you we have already met, and to meeting those of you we have not yet met.

With warm regards,