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  • Participation, importance of

Dear Members, but specifically the NA Forum,

A short while back Russell posted a message to the effect of why it is so important for you ALL to interact on the email group. He also spelled out what the consequences would be for NOT interacting, that is, within the PROCESS OF LIFE. But it would seem that some members, most especially within the NA forum have CHOSEN, whatever their JUSTIFICATIONS may be, to IGNORE the guidance given! So be it!!!

X, you have not even had the COURTESY to introduce yourself to the group, let alone post any contribution. Furthermore, most annoyingly, I see that you have CHOSEN not to even RECEIVE emails! Why are you attending this up-coming retreat? Do you even VAGUELY wish to call forth the teachings, or are you merely an oxygen thief coming who is coming along for the ride?!

Y! Have you once AGAIN gotten yourself lost in the Ladies Toilet, or are you waiting for some-thing to BEHOOVE you? Perhaps I should ask a good Westerly Stalker like Z to HOOF you up the butt!

M and N. Are you two still LICKING your wounds? Wounds from what? The warrior takes the punches standing UP!!!

K? Have you lost your tongue, or are you trying to become LESS longwinded and LESS sorry for yourself?